April 15-22


“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to be one’s own self.”   Montaigne

Wisdom Body Notes for April 15-22 by Samantha Cameron

The month of April holds the major energetic highlights of 2024, and they are all about becoming our unique selves, consciously expanding a wave we are already surfing.  The great American Eclipse rattled the cage for surrender and change of self and country.  Its energies offered the opportunity to step into a higher-level warrior role, be it spiritual or power-based.  It also brought humanity to its knees in giving many Stateside a once-in-a-lifetime understanding of our world without the sun. It has shaken, not stirred electromagnetic fields, and nervous systems, destabilizing bodies, leaving us spaced out and limp.  There has also been increased mental confusion, along with transportation troubles, and wonky tech issues, all associated with a Mercury Retrograde.   Thanks to ‘the mind of Mercury being embraced by the eclipse, disruptions have been especially ‘elevated.’  During Mercury’s retrograde period, (4/1-4/25) it’s more important than ever to quiet the mind and listen to intuition, especially as we have an extraordinary opportunity to feel it grow!

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Astrological Consultations

From 25 years as a practicing Astrologer, I offer perceptive, psychological, planetary insights into your life.  Reading your chart is akin to reading the soul’s choices on taking an incarnation. It is a blueprint of your past, present, and future.  It speaks of your potential, and your fears, your talents, and your foibles. Our session offers a toolbox to awaken greater consciousness and intuition. Understanding your individual cycles and symbols helps you know who you really are, AND what you came here to do.