July 21-28


Wisdom Body Notes for July 21- 29 by Samantha Cameron

Kahlil Gibran wrote, “Work is love made visible” which might be a perfect mantra for the force of July’s Full Moon of the 21st.  As all Full Moons reveal, uncover, and open the emotional body to explore in particular ways, this ‘anarectic’ -29 degree Capricorn-Beacon explores the territory of family, of mother/father, of deeper understanding and use of power, empathy, intuition, boundaries, agency and construction.  The Moon is ruled by the karmic ‘Father of Time,’ Saturn.  The Sun, in Cancer, is ruled by the Moon.

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Astrological Consultations

From 25 years as a practicing Astrologer, I offer perceptive, psychological, planetary insights into your life.  Reading your chart is akin to reading the soul’s choices on taking an incarnation. It is a blueprint of your past, present, and future.  It speaks of your potential, and your fears, your talents, and your foibles. Our session offers a toolbox to awaken greater consciousness and intuition. Understanding your individual cycles and symbols helps you know who you really are, AND what you came here to do.