Shakti Yoga Dances

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Shakti Yoga Dances are Asanas that dance the mat.  They choreograph Yoga’s ancient poses to chosen music, linking mudra, Pranayama, and chant. Asanas when danced open emotional rhythms of heart and belly, reminding us of our need for communal ritual and celebration.  The spirit in each dance is layered with seasonal Ayurvedic and Astrologic under-tones, which enrich, and expand Yoga-technique toward Yoga-life.

Science has proven what the ancients knew, that in harnessing rhythms of the cosmos, we harness the power to heal and transform. Music, dance, song, and poetry are magical conjurers. They have carried us through uncertain times for centuries.  The ancient Sanskrit word ‘Shakti,’  means ‘to be able to.’  It is the primordial feminine energy of creativity, an agent of change, and liberation. She is a sacred force of empowerment, moving through the body as Kundalini energy. Her feminine, life-giving  prana forges intimate connections with Self to the dance.  As with all ancient tantric practices, energy is coaxed from the base of the spine to move through the body out and into asanas, beckoning transformation.

“Of what is the body made?  It is made of emptiness and rhythm.  At the heart of the world there is no solidarity, there is only dance.”

– George Leonard, scientific mystic.

Shakti Dance Videos