Skin & Bone Care

Skin, like bones and teeth, are ruled by Saturn, and they are of the same Ayurvedic dhatu.  Read hair information and apply the same suggestions for skin. Because the skin has so many nerve endings, it often reveals stress related issues first.

Common sense attention on a daily basis can change skin quality:

Stay out of the sun for long periods.

Drink lots of water.

Don’t use lots of soap, or wash too often….la balance!

Check your cosmetics, do they contain dyes or harsh chemicals?

Bump up antioxidants, especially with GLA (gamma-linolenic acid-an essential fatty acid) Best sources are black currant oil and evening primrose oil.

Tell the skin you care about it by receiving massages, or self massage with warm oil.

Vitamins and helpful nutrients include:


Vitamin E, B, A, zinc

Aloe Vera gel on the skin.  This is wonderful for burned skin especially.  Apply several times a day.  You can also drink Aloe Vera.  Add 1/3 of a cup to fresh juice.  This also helps with elimination, which directly affects the quality of the skin.

Linseed oil take as a supplement or liquid.

SOD- Superoxide dismutase is a free radical destroyer.  It’s also good for brown age spots.  It also helps with arriving fresh after a long flight.

The amino acid L-cysteine

Cocoa butter is especially good for stretch marks,

Collagen is nourishing for especially dry skin.

For acne, drink teas of red clover, strawberry leaves or lavender.  You can use the lavender in a sauna or bath as it stimulates new cell growth.

The usual diet of staying away from fatty foods, sugar, especially soft drinks, and smoking applies to skin care.

Foods that help are garlic, onions, eggs, and asparagus because of their sulfer, which keeps skin young and smooth.

“Spontaneous Healing”
by Andrew Weil, MD
“Perscription for Nutritional Healing” by the Balch’s MD
“The Complete Book of Ayurvedic Home Remedies” by Vasant Lad
“Yoga & Ayurveda; Self Healing and Self Realization” by David Frawly

Ayurveda Skin Tips

Oil massage is great for most of what ails the skin.  It works!  It is especially beneficial for rough, dry skin.

For vata imbalances use sesame oil; pitta- sunflower and coconut oil, kapha is helped by corn or canola oil.  For the face and neck, all doshas can use neem or brahmi oil

Skin brushing is helpful for removing dead cells, and it feels good.

Take oil enemas to deeply hydrate skin.

Eat more tumeric, and avocados.

Beets help in giving the skin enough iron, as will carrot juice.

De-toxing gives more energy and results in lovely skin.  Pancha Karma are five purification processes that include: enemas-basti, purgatives-virechana, emetics-vamana, nasal medication-nasya, and blood cleansing-rakta moksha.  These practices usually follow oil massage and steam baths that loosen toxins and bring them back into the digestive tract to be removed.