Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Tendonitis

When tingling in your fingers turns to pain, the usual diagnosis is carpal tunnel syndrome, which simply means a nerve is pinched at the base of the hand.  This is the median nerve, the communicator between brain and thumb and index and middle fingers

As much as possible, change your habits, especially the repetitive ones using the hands.  Take time to stretch and open the fingers, creating more space and intentional healing attention.

Vitamin B6 may help in reducing swelling, therefore pain.  B6 is essential for creating pain-inhibiting neurotransmitters.  Take under a doctor’s supervision for dosage.

Foods supporting the benefits of B6 include avocado, broccoli, nuts, bananas, beans, whole grains, spinach, and sweet potato.
Be aware that protein uses up B6, because part of its job is to convert protein from one source to another, therefore if you eat a lot of protein…

As with most other dis-eases, high alcohol and tobacco increase risk.

Women are more prone than men, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, as many hormones reach a peak. Birth control pills can also contribute to the risk of carpal tunnel. High fiber foods help the body eliminate excess estrogens, which may also help fighting breast cancer.

Splint if pain is high or continues, see an acuputurist as well as a doctor.

“Foods that Fight Pain” by Neal Barnard, MD

Basic Ayurvedic tips:

Continuous use of the same muscles leads to inflammation of the tendons. If you cannot stop the activity for a while, try changing the way you perform it.  Stretch before and after which will improve circulation.

Apply cold compresses, (bags of frozen veg.)  Also, use cooling pastes of sandalwood and tumeric powder, in equal amounts, mixed with a bit of cold water.

Selected Yoga Poses & Exercises

Padahastasana-Feet on Hands Pose.
While here, feel the energy from the soles of the feet feeding palms and wrists.  Feel the connection between the two offer healing.

Extend arms and circle wrists several times in each direction.

With arms extended one hand on top of other, hands facing out, the thumb of R hand touching the baby finger of L hand, move hands into a clasp and then turn them inside out.  Repeat with the other hand on top.

Contra-indications for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Do not spend much time in weight-bearing poses on extended hands.  These poses include arm balances, most of the Sun Salutation, Camatkarasana-Wild Thing Pose, which is basically flipping your dog, and of course, Urdhva Dhanurasana-back bend Pose.