The Golden Leaf


The world as a miraculous place of life, death and renewal. It is a home for impeccable balancing acts of inhale and exhale, yin and yang, within and without, Equinox and Solstice.  The ongoing, irrefutable balancing happens under our noses in endlessly magical stories.  To celebrate the Vernal Equinox, here is a golden tale to capture your imagination, balancing tragedy with greatness.

Did you know that the Mangrove Tree, of which there are around 80 species, grows primarily in swampy, tropical salt bayous.  Some within this species are capable of filtering out 75% of salt in the water.  In the Turks and Caicos, it is rumored that one of the Mangrove species bears a single golden leaf on each of its branches, which sucks in the remaining 25% of saline which the tree cannot tolerate.  Imagistically, and imaginatively, each golden leaf has chosen to turn its life into an aurulent, shinning death in order for the tree to live.  It makes of itself an offering to guarantee survival, despite the extreme eco system.  Once the leaf has absorbed the salty elixir of death, it makes of itself an offering, not only to the tree, but to the aquatic life below, which depends on the golden leaves for nourishment.

I am reminded of Mary Oliver’s line from “The Buddha’s Last Instruction” “Make of yourself a light.” A life worth living does make of itself a light. It is a golden offering that others might be nurtured and live.  It does not have to be a huge sacrifice, or a ‘published’ life to be golden.  But it might be.

Because the school shootings are high on the radar, I have taken some comfort in imagining that the careless destruction of precious lives is not a waste, that perhaps their souls had chosen to become golden offerings. They have made of themselves a light so the rest of us could see. Their gift may be a prayer of courage, and comfort for us to stand for them. Now it is our turn to carry the torch, and grow golden. If not, their waste is not bearable.

At this transformational turning point of the Equinox, let us transmute dross into gold. We can be a conscious choice to embody spring’s greater light. Who doesn’t want to be rich, honeyed, redolent and resplendent? We have life to offer. We have a life to save.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

What’s Your Story?   April 18-23


It’s page one; The setting sees the hero-you, walking out from under the electric, Aires New Moon, that had a giant Uranian-Orangutan shaking up the plot. Page two; A wild and wooly Mercury went direct, tossed about in the Orangutan’s long arms. Page three; the relentless, Saturnian, Mountain Goat came to a dead stand-still-Station 4/17, in Capricorn, the sign it rules. And the Sun moves into Taurus. Despite strong parameters, wild beasts run amuck.

The week’s story-line proposes the hero strategically tame the wild, risk taking beast, without destroying its courageous spirit. New Moon intentions turned hopeful pages to growing new perspectives of discipline, AND permissiveness, rather than succumbing to frustration and mayhem. Despite impulsive desires to turn to the last page and know the end of the story, organization must prevail, especially as the plot is filled with upcoming page–turners of a turbulent nature. Being the hero, gives one pause.

With three planets shifting direction within seven days of one another, confusion is pre-ordained. ‘Saturn, the entrenched,’ has just moved Retrograde, remaining ‘backward’ until 9/ 6. Pluto, as ‘demolition-Queen,’ shifts Retrograde five days later, on 4/22, not turning direct until 9/ 30. Both these ‘society-definers’ in Capricorn, reveal story lines that include: boundary re-assessment, truth and lies, ego, priorities, integrity, sex, death and taxes. Moving the multi-plots along means adjusting to set-backs, re-vamping unfinished business, and yes-frustration. Turn to your friends, and allies.

Before the hero can sigh in relief, a new shake up appears on the horizon, with the next New Moon, on 5/15. Uranus changes signs, leaving Aires, where there has been unrefined excitement these past seven years. We have almost grown accustomed to the speed of technology and its changes, along with break-out discoveries and inventions. The upcoming Uranian ingress into earthy, I don’t like change-Taurus means that large parts of the status quo of this story may topple. Some of what earthy, fixed, stubborn heroes love, will be in jeopardy, especially economic jeopardy, more on that in up-coming chapters.

Consider the strongly conservative soil we presently till. Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Capricorn, soon include Uranus in Taurus, making for a deliberate, entrenched, security-centric mind-set of all characters. An important subtext conveys the need to center and nurture yourself for the hero’s journey: Yoga, meditation, music, walks in the wood, garden strolls, laughter, tend to alliances, hold hands, and chant magic mantras all support opening to a greater consciousness in order to continue our story. It’s complicated! Keep the faith! Stay tuned!

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: Dear adventurous last of the Aires, and first of lovely Taurus~ You both are discovering un-used gifts of your conservative self. This voice within supports taking greater risk as you define old boundaries to then move beyond the known. Not easy, but you are listening to a voice asking for greater authenticity, and power. In re-working core issues, you begin seeing greater opportunity. Yes, it will take a while to reveal, but never fear-if you are willing to birth it, it’s already putting down roots within. Step by step, breath by breath, you are on the hero’s journey!

ON THE MAT:   The following sentiments from last week still hold true.We may feel restricted. We may feel less-than. We may feel tired, and alone.” (When can the story line delete these energies?) Acknowledge the malaise, asking ‘what it is here to teach.’ Don’t run. You can’t hide Grow faith that new seeds germinate. Like the caterpillar, we are releasing the life we know in order to have the life we wish. Stand your mat. Be with what is. Lift your heart. Listen to your breath. Come home to Self !

Wed. April 18 ~5:15pm –multi level & 7 pm- level II/III~ Yin mixes with Yang to hold ground and embody new seeds of intention. Laughing Dog, Wellesley, MA
Thurs. April 19~ 8:15 am- Multi-level class, ~ Sweet sweat and warmth to kick the day into motion. Laughing Dog Yoga, Wellesley,
Thurs, April 19~ 10 am Pilates Mat. ~ The Studio at One Edson, Natick.

 Sat. April 21~ 8:30, level II-III, and 10:00 am- all levels. The bold, the beautiful, the hurt, the sad, bring ALL yourselves to the mat for centered-renewal. RSVP-

 Wed. April 25- Advanced Techniques, 9 am-1:30 pm,. This seminar explores Inversions. Strong focus on anatomy, and overcoming fears to go upside down and change your point of view. Working with Kryias to enter into, and leave each inversion. We shall explore effective connective links between specific poses, and the subtle body. It is an opportunity to break boundaries, to teach and share knowledge. RSVP- The studio at One Edson in Natick, MA.
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