Blowing Minds/Melting Hearts 

What now? Now that the great American eclipse has passed over? Indeed, what now? Can we create greater balance between masculine and feminine within self, and society? Will greater consciousness move us forward? The American Eclipse offered an opportunity to embody greater soul purpose as it was a point of ‘celestial communication’ perfectly designed to open hearts and blow minds. Is there a new nudge within when you ask, “What now?” As the Moon impregnated the Sun, casting her deep shadow over his radiant light, the new life lays claim to being a more sovereign being, a truer soul-self. The royalty inherent in the Leo/lion signature of the Eclipse, was kicked up a notch with the added layer of the fixed star, Regulus, inseminating the seeds of this new journey with: courage, royalty, and power. When you ask yourself ‘what now,’ include: “Do I have courage to risk stepping into the unknown? What do I want from this one precious life?” What is sacred? What is the wisdom of my heart? Where do I want it to open and lead? Who are my fellow travelers?

We traveled to Ketchum Idaho to be under the full umbra, and to sit in a circle of long time heart-friends. It was mind bending, heart-blowing on many levels. When the physical world became cold and dark, it also became un-worldly and magical. It opened a moment to disconnect from all that was known. Watching the Moon eat the Sun, seeing him literally become a Lunar crescent as his golden orb slowly traded places with her dense darkness, you literally watched opportunity for the masculine to be re-born from feminine fabric. Perhaps because I had been preparing for weeks for this moment, or perhaps it might have happened anyway, but as it became very, very cold and dark my body opened in warmth to a different quality of love. I felt it moved out of verb, as in ‘to love.’ than an embodied state of being. It was so subtle I was afraid if I questioned it, it would disappear. But no, its river continued flowing until my love-tank over-flowed. I felt emboldened, and embodied by a luminosity, as though rivers of light moved through my shadows.

This re-set, this guide and guardian to a new incarnation, felt of mermaid-form, and I was reminded of the many mermaid cards that had been sent this past birthday. I thought it odd, but quite wonderful, and had no idea what it was about. Now I do. Adding to the weird synchronicity of the eclipse is the Sabian symbol associated with the eclipse degree. (Sabian symbols are Astrologic, esoteric essences revealing deeper purpose and meaning of each degree in the zodiac.) This one speaks of, “A mermaid emerging from the ocean waves, ready for rebirth in human form: The stage at which an intense feeling-intuition rises from the unconscious is about to take form as conscious thought.” Dane Rudhyar.  Having been a Sea Maid, swimming with dolphins as a teenager, at Sea World, I have always felt that mermaid life to be part of me. I shall move on with that essence alive and well within. I am even more of a believer in the surreal, the sublime, and serene. Can I make it a fabric of my perception? Will it sustain on meeting my first opportunity for road rage?

Where are you being called to the next level? I hope something wonderful and light-filled is opening for you. Look back 18 years, at the previous eclipse in this Saros Cycle, what happened then? Is there a repeat-energy calling you to new life? How far have you come? What have you left behind? How far do you wish to go? Blow some minds/open everyone’s heart! The Universe is calling. Time to answer.



Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

Après Le Wow~What? Dec. 4-12


It’s hard not to think we shall have continued fallout from this last weekend’s Wow-energies. (This included a Super Full Moon-where the Moon is perigee, closest to earth, a Mercury Station Retrograde, at the GC, in bed with Saturn, along with Uranus trine Saturn/Mercury, AND the ‘combat T Square’ of Sun and Moon to Neptune, with Neptune trine Jupiter, the co-ruler of Pisces.) You don’t have to understand what lies between the parens, what you must realize is that electromagnetic fields, gravitational fields, and tectonic plates shift under these forces, never mind neurological and biochemical bodies.

All the above was not a weekend’s flamboyant connections, but part of the influence during the three weeks of Mercury’s Retrograde journey, as well the closing two weeks before the New Moon, on the 18th. This in turn, gives fall its death knell at the Winter Solstice on the 21st. Ergo, what was illuminated under the incandescent, evolutionary Full Moon remains important. What do you believe? ( Mercury and Neptune)Is it just? (Mercury conjunct Saturn) What do you know to be true? Where are your convictions? (Saturn) Have you re-considered your POV? Have you moved outside old paradigms? (Uranus) What is killing your growth? Are you willing to expand your horizons, re-define your boundaries? Are you including the intuitive, the compassionate, and the bold? (Jupiter trine Neptune)

Answer some, if not all the questions. Our country stands at an abyss. We are part of the tipping point. Make a priority of taking time out during Mercury’s Retrograde. (That’s what a ‘retrograde’ is all about; time to re-define life, to go within and question the validity of how and where we’re headed.) Submerge into a sea of unified, non-personal oneness, where we care for one another, because they are us. From that mysterious One-Space, Turn your attention to what matters most: connection, compassion, laughter, nurturing, trust, creativity, acceptance, healing. And did I say, “love?”

This Week’s Birthdays: As noted last week, Saturn has been deepening and re-structuring some of you Sagittarian ebullience the past two years, but it’s getting ready to leave you, and move into its home territory of Capricorn. This will make the world a far more serious place, but your spirits begin to lift, especially if you have undertaken Saturn’s requirements of structuring growth for greater achievement. (For further information, read last week’s notes:

Astrological consultation:   Preparing for a new POV? Seeking a timely beginning? Now is a perfect moment to look at one’s life from an objective, non-judgmental point of view. Consultations ask: How do you wish to use your inherent genius, and compassionate awareness? How to understand and surrender to the healing in front of you. Tools are offered to see where your future beckons and how to best arrive there. Email

On the Mat This Week: Continue standing on your head, or hang off the bed for a different POV. This is the true power of a Practice. Use quiet time on the mat to prepare. Listen for the guidance that comes when the body opens, the breath expands, the mind is at rest. Choose three poses to lead you onward, ie practice twists, and arm strength to move into Parsva Bekasana, or stay and lift higher into your Bekasana. Feel the body freeing itself from old shackles of “I can’t.” Even if you can’t now, make it a five year plan.


Wed. Dec. 6th, 9 AM-1:30 pm Advanced Yoga Training! Learn to deepen and personalize your Yoga experience. Expand connections of body, mind, emotion to uncover inner layers. On Dec. 6th, we continue with the structure of standing poses, twists, and the deconstruction of Surya Namaskar/Sun Salutation. From feet through knees to hips, we explore and discussing injury prevention, alignment, breathe, bandhas and teaching scripts. See your Practice with new eyes.

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