Moral Moonlight

Sometimes we see our life not by how close we are to it, in it…as it were, but by moving away from the center, as in taking a vacation, or being sick, perhaps even entering the oh so foreign territory of being on our dying journey. Sometimes just the change in language reveals us to ourselves differently via uncomfortable syntax, weird rhythms and verbal structures, or the vegetation, food, and them ‘ferreign ones’ reveal our facets through unconscious, mysterious light. If we are not ‘this’ –are we ‘that’?

In the absence of titles, homes, and friendly connections, what persona emerges? What happens to our sentimental, deeply personal ‘me’ when leaving the large land mass of the US of A, or are thrust into the misbegotten jungle of a hospital? The rich, imperialist voice that is an echo of every American passport, like it or not, has some bearing on how we view the world, and it sees us.

When en vacance, or leaving our known body in some way, we are offered a different light, and if only because we are further away from blind observations of idiosyncratic, quotidian patterns our eyes open wider. Light seems to illuminate the small more easily than the large. Or perhaps the inconsequential becomes more notable, our cocooned lives more vibrant, simply through any change in light….we shine and shadow differently.

Some of the difficulty in seeing our big, sassy, American lives is to not become judgmental, for then all chance of really observing via a new moral moonlight disappears. Seeing only our loud faults of greed and assumptive imperialism do not let us change from being only that. If we are not ‘that’ then what do we offer? Are we ‘this?’ How do we take more than smothered ashes of our grandiosity to any ferreign shores? Do we have an image we then attempt to fulfill? Or, do we drive out blind like the bear who went over the mountain, ‘to see what he could see’? Should we be comparing? Adjusting? How much? Is it more graceful to be in a meditative state of oneness in order for the senses to ignite? What most sharpens the eye, ear, tongue? How to keep the heart open?

However I choose to travel, car, plane, bed, I hope to remain prismatic, allowing light from every quarter to suffuse my core, the difficult and sad as well as the gladsome and magical. I hope to remain open to not only who I am, but to seeing the possibility of my best Self dance under, and with, and through many moonlit moments, moral or not.

Asana: Adho Mukha Vrksasana/Handstand. Place the hands @ a foot from the wall, keep palms the width of the shoulders, kick the legs up one at a time, keeping them straight, and connecting the lift from the toes to the abdominals. Once safely upside down, drop the head, lengthen the lower back by continuing to pull the abs up, and move your energy into your fingers, not the wrist. Attempt bringing one foot off the wall, then the other, play, and enjoy your very different POV.

Health Notes: The Pose strengthens wrists, arms and shoulders, connects leg work to abdominal strength, bathes the brain in more blood, stimulating the mind, and gives an over all spark, and harmony to the body. Remember, if you’re depressed, go upside down, and if you can ‘play’ at it, so much the better.

N.B. This Daily Breath was inspired in reading Adam Gopnik’s, “Paris to The Moon,” in the week spent driving around the Dominican Republic.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation



  • The gift of an Eclipse is the unmasking, or release of intensity that brings a breaking point. The Macrocosm is often revealed through energetic release of earthquakes, fires, floods, or violent storms, all of which unleash change.


  • You may want angel wings to master microcosmic Eclipse events, as they often erupt from deep emotion, revealing unseen or unknown aspects of self that we prefer remain unconscious. This personal ‘unmasking’ offers needed information moving us to the next level. Outmoded emotional patterns, ready to die, erupt. It’s disconcerting.  It’s a gift.


  • Mercury, now Retrograde until July 31, offers three weeks of review, and re-consideration of what we’re learning. Hopefully it’s an opportunity to open new eyes to the unmasking. Be observant, not judgmental. Don’t multi-task. Be willing to be awakened.


  • With all we have going on in the heavens, you are sure to be feeling extra sensitive. Take time to nurture and heal. Give your body extra rest, water, and time in nature. It’s imperative. Chiron, the ‘wounded healer’ has just turned Retrograde as well, making its healing/wounding energies urgent.


  • This is the time to prepare for further unmasking and revelation for upcoming Lunar Eclipse on the 16th. This one is a Full Moon-WHAM as it aligns with the powerful Pluto/Saturn duo at the Eclipse point. More on this next week.


IF you are fortunate enough to get slapped around by the Eclipses and become ‘WOKE’ to a part of you that has been asleep, then brava! And lucky YOU!! With Mercury AND Chiron ‘in reverse and extra potent, we have an opportune moment to ‘look homeward angel.’ Step back, allow a break down, or break out. It can be a time of high adventure, IF you are willing to not go to judgment, and IF you are willing to see how you have unconsciously worked and rubbed old childhood wounds that keep you a prisoner. Pay attention to odd moments, strange symbols, casual, overheard conversation. Mercury Retrograde, with its communication glitches, confusion and breakdowns is not always easy, but the planetary firmament is in alignment to support taking the next big step, especially a large heart-step!

Not only are Eclipses, along with Mercury and Chiron Retrograde, opening portals to the past, but as I have written, Saturn and Pluto, aligned with the South Node, encourage review and re-do . It’s a chance to see that some old guidelines are no longer relevant. Often there is unfinished business asking for closure. To put the cherry on top of this Astrological compilation, Venus is involved. As guide and goddess of relationship, self worth, and love, need I tell you that issues of partnering and payment are up front and oh so sensitive! This is to say that if you are not swimming in some murky sea of your childhood, you have an extraordinary family heritage. Not everyone is in the testing and crises zone, but many are, and they could use extra TLC. Pay attention, and listen with your heart. You don’t have to fix others, in fact, they rather you wouldn’t. They simply want to be heard.


YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: Dear kind Cancer, with the Saturn/Pluto/South Node power-brokers opposing your Sun sign, 2019 has been rocky…revealing but rocky. The extremes are here to take you to the next level. I wish you could say, “Beam me up Scotty,” and all would be well. But this birthday’s instruction booklet is about ‘funding a deeper sense of balance and well-being, grown from new roots. Not an easy task. Your old family system has changed, which for a Cancer is very difficult. As you gain a greater foothold in the new life, the light expands. This birthday may offer a complete re-birth, a freeing opportunity to be who you have always wished to be, but were fearful of becoming. Have at it! Be all you can be! Celebrate the tears and the loss that free you.

YOUR PRACTICE THIS WEEK: Move onto your mat as a warrior. Take no prisoners, least of all yourself. Fess up to your fears. Move past them. Create balance between non-doing and over-doing. Keep returning to center to re-evaluate and congratulate before you take on the next difficult pose. Listen to the over-drive of goals, and ego desire, then soften and balance with gentle breath-work, and a long, lovely savasana.



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