Samantha’s Web

Exquisite webs are woven of intangibles, extruded from an inner force that is binding, tough, and relentless. Like love, they catch the light. Early mornings, with dew glazing their skeins, take our breath away, often when we least expect it. Webs…they come in every size, and shape, hidden away in the oddest places. Opening our eyes to their elegance, lest we sweep them carelessly away, we may treasure what was un-noticed. We may see indelible charms from changed perspectives.

Like the pig, Wilbur, of Charlotte’s Web, my life nests in a web of friendships. Being an essentially solitary being, unlike Wilbur, sometimes I forget. The honoring of friends, present, and absent, who gathered forces around a small performance, made it a sweet success. This powerful web shapes a frame for trust that I will be held in finely woven nets not only for large steps forward, but more importantly, when I struggle and fail.

The wonderful story of “Charlotte’s Web” continues to be read and watched because we need what Charlotte gave Wilbur! We need it now more than ever as our world shifts and wobbles before our eyes. Most of us are flying without a safety net, or the one we think we have is ripped and sagging, and any day…. we could become bacon. Time to re-weave new fabric, re-invent new nets. Hearts will expand to include more than we know, more than we are used to. Reaching out will not be an option, rather a saving Grace

I shall return and listen to Charlotte talking with Wilbur, as she spins her webs, her life force, in her friend’s behalf, feeling the tensile strength of friends spinning nests around the steps in my life. May I, like Charlotte, be there to spin magic on their behalf.

Asana: Create a pose with a friend. If you are feeling bold, one of you go into down dog, the other, place your hands across from your friend’s, go up into a handstand, bending your knees so your feet rest on the other’s back. You may need a third friend to spot and support. More is more.
You can also sit across from someone, look into their eyes, and count your blessings as you breathe the lovely stillness between you.

Health Notes: Friends feed the heart. To die of a broken heart is a waste, because somewhere there was someone who would have loved you as a friend, AND who needed you. Perhaps not what you think you want at the time, but a necessity for the long haul.

Ayurvedic Energies: As the cold increases, Vata and Kapha energies need greater attention. As with the shifts in spring, fall is a perfect time to do small cleanses. De-toxify to prepare the body for winter. Especially pay attention to drinking enough liquids. We tend not to feel as thirsty, but the body needs moisture as much now as in summer.

Astrologic Energies: From Oct. 21-Nov. 21, the Sun is in Scorpio, an introverted, feminine sign of fixed water. Scorpio rules the generative system, the creative force of physical life. We all carry Scorpio energy somewhere within, and this is usually a place needing regeneration, a place where we prefer to remain hidden, behind the scenes, and where we may sting ourselves rather than capitulate.

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