The hill behind the house lies bare

On dark’s descending ride,

Leaves a figure standing lone

With the North East wind inside.

She hesitates then hears command,

Sounds of squadron pride

Silhouettes on sunset’s wing

With the arc of the world as guide.

She waits, a hopeful beacon

In silent calling –“Come by here!”

Desire fixed on longing

Seeks communion peer.

The left wing Sergeant shears the squadron’s tilt

Close by so she might listen,

Wing spans sounding silk.

‘Whish, whish’, it fills her dream

Of leaving heavy dross

To rise among the pinioned wings

Gathered, headed south.

In faith she wakes before first light

Eyes fastened on the hill

Willing God to land in feathered, squawking drill.

Muscled breasts of landing gear,

Sentries at the guard,

Rise for one last sunrise

And dream the coming ride.

Too long they’ve lingered on,

Knowing she cannot part.

They wait upon the signal,

Hope in a willing heart

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation

THE EYE OF THE 2020 STORM   Oct. 18-26



October’s planetary set up is ever more potent for both individual and collective surprises, with head-shaking rebounds. Fill your eyes with beauty and your heart with empathy.

  • The Mercury and Mars Retrogrades take us back to re-design, and refashion past mistakes; to hit the ‘pause button’ before moving on, as every action we take at this time has weight and consequence.
  • Surprises abound throughout the month, with the really big one saved up for Halloween.
  • Be obsessed with power; the ability to deepen and understand power over self. This is a balancing force for a world in enormous change.

THE STORY                                                                                                                                           Obsessive, frightened, nostalgic, yearning, and furious we move into the eye of the 2020 storm. It is therefore wise to consider your story, with best ‘ducks in order-options’. Friday’s New Moon was power packed, as I wrote last week, with part of its construction a combination of power-obsessive archetypes in face-off prominence. Once again, the activation of Saturn, representative of how society is functioning, as well as our personal constructive must-do’s, along with Pluto, god of the underworld, kick October’s expansion of the virus toward the dark, unfathomable eye of this unforgettable year. Old Man Saturn has been traveling in and out with Jupiter and Pluto all year, which have been transmitters of massive and expansive change. Because these big boys are in earthy and conservative Capricorn, under Saturn’s rule, any progressive desires have been blocked, leading to backlash-fury with ultra conservatives. The good news is that the planets involved are simply trying to make us better people in a better society.   The bad new is, they don’t give a damn how they do it. It’s a painful, necessary, long overdue process forcing the world into conscious growth, changing old paradigms of power over others, to power over Self.

2020’s mantra might be, “I release and surrender. Letting go in order to evolve is the hardest work we do. It is especially hard with Capricorn/Saturn dictates of ‘do it right, be top dog, don’t make mistakes.’ The long summer months of many Retrograde planets, as well as Mars and Mercury presently ‘backwards,’ support efforts to surrender, and release what is no longer viable. Mercury’s Retrograde in Scorpio is the detective, and deep diver seeking to know what lies beneath the surface. The Mercurial Trickster asks us to unearth hidden secrets holding us prisoner and to winnow out truth from lies. Review both near past and far past to understand ideas that no longer serve. Part of the difficulty in seeing the truth is Neptune’s beautiful fog obscuring what is real, and creating uncertainty, which opens us to anxiety and stress. Neptune has been has been a player in the year’s zeitgeist, helping us surrender to loss, to move toward spirit, as well as stand in awe of charismatic lies that have led us down the garden path, shuddering and wondering, ‘what next?’

Another supporter of going back to re do, and complete the past, or make reparations for past action is fiery Mars, ‘warrior of take no prisoners.’ As written in the past several weeks, ( )Mars is closest to earth at this time which has supported fires, backlash-anger, mayhem in the streets, and great instability on how to commit moving forward. We are frustrated and furious, a bad combination for making important decisions. Use the ‘backward’ aspect of Mars energy to slow down to re-align priorities, and re-work big commitments. We are learning to use our energy differently, to seek a subtler trajectory, as well as re-oil sharp edges of frustration. But if you like the flames and confusion, you will love knowing more is on its way via the planet Uranus. Uranus, god of individuality, chaos, and outside the box vision, is a big October-player. The Full Moon on Oct. 1 closely aspected it, and the Full Moon at the very end, on the 31st, stands within close hugging distance. He is the ‘trickster’ of the higher mind, as Mercury is of the lower, and these two do a partnering two step with one another through October….another reason we don’t sleep well. Between now and the end of this month, prepare to withstand big surprises. Practice listening to your intuition, as it will be boundless. Take time to care for your unique talents. Honor who you are every day in some way. Join a brotherhood /sisterhood of like-minded future thinkers to lift the vibration.

This week’s Ritual: Gather a bouquet of multi-hued fall leaves then select nooks and crannies about your home to place them. Perhaps you add a poem or special talisman to place with them, so in the coming days when you suddenly encounter the beautiful leaf you are quietly surprised into happiness. You stop to receive the gift of its golden-hued beauty all over again.


BIRTHDAY MARCHING ORDERS: This week’s birthdays are in a process of enormous transformation….” As I wrote last week, dear lovely Libran, ‘this year, you might lose the velvet glove, making your actions visible and fiery. ‘ Indeed the inferno continues forcing you into greater independence, with less of a desire to placate others. With Mercury continuing to unearth secrets in Scorpio, this is an excellent year for you to look below the beauty of things, to not be fearful of disturbing the apple cart, and to take a good hard look at your hidden talents of manipulation. Manipulation is not a bad talent to have as long as you are aware of what you are doing. Yes, it’s going to be quite a year ahead!!

It’s a perfect time for an Astrological Consultation to review the life you’ve lived, and the new one you are entering. Contact samantha cameron at

 YOUR PRACTICE: Find ways to face yourself through your Practice. Encourage the leap to be more courageous….try the absurd, and or difficult, then congratulate yourself. If you just show up on the mat for savasana, congratulate yourself! This week is one of training our bodies to stand ground, not ferociously, but steadfastly, therefore being kind to oneself is paramount to moving onward. Use mat-time to offer yourself gifts, to listen to what the body needs, to connect the emotional body to the physical for greater ‘Emotional Intelligence.’ We are indeed entering a vast, difficult unknown time, and we need to remain present, we need to reach out and care for one another, we need mat-time on the magic carpet.


Oct. 21, Wed. 5:15pm EDT, Laughing Dog Yoga. All Levels Vinyasa -with a creative twist. Go to their website ahead of time;  for information on how to join & pay.

Oct. 22, Thursday, 8:30-9:30 AM EDT/14:00H –Zoom Pilates- Core & Stretch                                       Email for invite.

 Oct. 24, Saturday, 9-10:30 AM, EDT/13:00 H ES-FR Zoom All-Levels Yoga.  Email for invite.

Upcoming Jan. 2021~ Virtual Shakti Yoga Dance Teacher Training. YA approved, CEU credentialing. If interested, email


If you don’t wish to practice alone, join one of my many Yoga, Pilates, or shaktidance Classes, ranging from 15 to 90 minutes; from all-level to adv. If you enjoy, please post a message. Thanks!                                                                                                                                                                                     Whatever your Practice, make it yours. I’m happy to guide, but listen to your body. Grow strong in bone and sinew. Honor your resilient muscle of grace!