Within these pages discover ways and means of mending body and mind. Encounter paths to awaken and embrace spirit. Some of the work is visible and very physical; some invisible, generating deeper consciousness. The creative power we own, changes the world, one body, one step at a time. As we share our unique gifts we illuminate life. Together, we light the world in generous hope, powerful kindness, and transformative Grace.
This dance is a love letter to Ukraine. It is offered ‘back to source’ as a heart-gift for the extraordinary courage of the Ukranian People. As I dance with my Shakti Sisterhood around the world, we hope you join us, energetically, in song and dance! Our vision is a prayer joining the world to lift, support and protect Ukraine. I am but one, our offer small, but as you join, WE become a vast army of spirit-warriors who together, surround Ukraine in power-filled light, hope & love.

Answer the Calling

Using Shankh mudra as a guide we listen so we may answer our calling and hear our spirit voice.

March 14-22


Energy notes to support the ‘Wisdom Body’

We enter Spring on the 20th when the Sun arrives at 00 Aires, the opening of the zodiac, announcing the Spring Equinox.  This year, during the days of preparation, we are under the guidance of our intuition as Mars and Neptune face off creating a powerful Neptune archetype for the Equinox, and the unknown.  It’s calling, we need to answer!  Mystery is always a layer in each of the year’s quarter shifts of Equinox and Solstice, announcing the beginning of a new season.  These are times when the earth stands still and cosmic transmission is readily downloaded.  The ancients did ritual at these magical turnings knowing that hopes and dreams were readily brought into awareness.
With Mars ruling the Equinox and the New Moon in Aires the day after, we not only have enormous warrior energy available, but the warrior is giving spiritual and creative Neptune a big push in conscious awareness.  The numinous archetype of a watery, confusing spirit is wonderful for the inner life of contemplation, but often difficult and confusing in daily life….hence listening to your intuition is paramount!  During this last quarter phase of the Moon, as she turns in toward her re-birth at the New Moon, we enter a period called a “crisis in consciousness.” (named by Dane Rudhar)  Each month this is a time of letting go, surrendering unfinished business, and understanding what we have learned during the past weeks.  Pay attention to quiet voices informing the psyche, and unexpected events affecting inner disquiet.   The unknown is calling ~You must answer.
During this week of preparing your Equinox entry into spring, open to Neptune’s ability to enlarge imagination, fantasy, and vision.  Pay attention to dreams and music that reveal the unconscious.  Read myth and poetry that engage your emotions.  The fiery force of Mars will push and reveal much of what Neptune prefers to hide.  The two energies are not comfortable when working together as fire and water create steam, a mysterious vapor as by-product.  With the Sun and Moon also in square aspect for much of the week, we are working with an antithesis of contrary energies which create doubt and a lack of clarity, but if we can harness their ‘steam’ that vapor often offers more heart and soul to our desires and projects.
I can personally attest to these vaporous energies as we have experienced them in everything we have done the past few days.  As many of you know, we are in France and Spain where I am giving workshops in Shakti Yoga Dance, with Astrology this time. This is a weird first in itself.  But the workshops have been filled with Neptunian love and shared joy. On the other side,  we have had to change tickets to accommodate the rail strike in France.  We have had to change studios in Spain due to unknown insurance snafus.  We have worked on plans the past few months that suddenly could not happen.  BUT/AND we have been with old friends once again have received us generously, with deep spirit.  One path is enormously frustrating while the other nurtures the soul.  The up and down of it has opened unexpected doors, and closed others.  Surrendering expectations and accepting what unfolds is a muscle I’m working on, and one worth strengthening.
This last week before fires of the spring Equinox light us up, swim in subconscious Piscean waters of confusion and discovery.  Ask if your purpose is being met, and if not, how you can take steps to change that.  In seeking your wholeness, integrate the inane and important, the lovely and ugly, the difficult with easy.  Beckon the vapors of the unknown to offer surprising adventures nurturing soul work.

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