Within these pages discover ways and means of mending body and mind. Encounter paths to awaken and embrace spirit. Some of the work is visible and very physical; some invisible, generating deeper consciousness. The creative power we own, changes the world, one body, one step at a time. As we share our unique gifts we illuminate life. Together, we light the world in generous hope, powerful kindness, and transformative Grace.
This dance is a love letter to Ukraine. It is offered ‘back to source’ as a heart-gift for the extraordinary courage of the Ukranian People. As I dance with my Shakti Sisterhood around the world, we hope you join us, energetically, in song and dance! Our vision is a prayer joining the world to lift, support and protect Ukraine. I am but one, our offer small, but as you join, WE become a vast army of spirit-warriors who together, surround Ukraine in power-filled light, hope & love.

Answer the Calling

Using Shankh mudra as a guide we listen so we may answer our calling and hear our spirit voice.


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Dates: August 21 through October 16
Time: 9 am-12:30 pm ET
This training adds mindful depth and creative links of surprising integration for physical, mental, and emotional layers of your Yoga Practice. In turn, you offer your students new layers of joy, mindfulness, and healing. Email Samantha at samcatcam@gmail.com with questions or registration


The hill behind the house lies bare

Shadowed eerily in cloud,

A figure stands alone with the North East wind as shroud.

She turns to leave then hesitates, hearing squadron pride,

Silhouettes on sunset’s wing with the arc of the world as guide.

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december 2022

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The Sanctuary

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As our world ramps up to dizzying changes, we have an enormous opportunity to not only ride the tsunami of change but to emerge transformed!

Yoga & Pilates Classes, Meditations & Blessings, Current Astrology, and a like-minded community.

Astrological Consultations

Consult with Samantha.

Astrology can be put to the service of healing, transformational growth, stronger relationships, and so much more. Personal consultations, natal charts, and solar returns are available via Skype, ZOOM, telephone, or in person.

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