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Fire Log Pose This is a pose easy for those with open hips.  It’s a killer accomplishment for those without.  It’s a simple pose of sitting and breathing your desire to become more hip-open, and it’s helpful if you can sit on padding.  Sit tall, bringing L foot under R thigh, outside hip line.  Stack R leg on top of L, leaving R ankle outside L knee, (sole perpendicular to floor) with L heel beside R hip. Ergo the fire log look of the pose, an open cross-legged stack.  Depending on hip flexibility, move legs forward, away from hips, maintaining their stack.   You can forward fold  on exhale, but don’t drop into the belly.  Lengthen lower back and belly up and out in seated stretches. <strong>Health Notes:</strong> This is primarily a hip and groin opener, but it can lead to a stronger back if you sit for longer periods.  It can be helpful for Sciatica, and spine, insomnia and stress, unless you are stressed by not being able to sit in the pose, then give it up and find another, happier way in to opening your hips until the day comes –you conquer, and honor this acomplishment. <strong>HIP PRIMER</strong>: (All of the following poses, with full directions, some with drawings, can be found under YOGA, then hit POSES, then Stretches, on the website.)   When hips are tight, tackle this pose in tiny bites by conquering other hip openers first.  Start by sitting simply with legs crossed in <strong><em>Sukhasana</em>, Sweet or Easy Pose,</strong> or with soles of feet together pulled in toward groin, <strong><em><a title=”Baddha Konasana” href=”” target=”_self”>Baddha Konasana</a></em></strong><a title=”Baddha Konasana” href=”” target=”_self”>. </a><strong><em>Janu Sirsana</em>na</strong> is another good hip primer, or lie on back to ‘<strong>thread the needle’</strong>. Placing L foot over R knee, pulling R knee back toward chest.  Then there is… Read more »

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The common, miserable, achy-breaky headache is almost always stress-related.  Therefore read notes for Anxiety & Stress as well. Astrologically, headaches come under the rulership of Mercury, thought process, as well as Mars, which rules the head. Mars is a fiery, hard-driving, take no prisoners-planetary energy. Headaches occur more often for Aries and Ayurvedic Pitta types as they tend to have a fierce life force. Headaches are the gift to bring bodies back into balance when over-thinking, over anxiousness, and over-criticalness make us feel less-than, and fearful. I am not addressing migraines here, other than to say that if the fundamental biochemistry of the body can be improved, very often the migraines disappear.  Some wonderful work with increasing levels of serotonin, (This is the neurotransmitter that fights pain, by exploring ways and means of expanding blood vessels, has had success. If you are at the mercy of too many headaches, start by changing your diet. Duh. The health of the digestive system leaves you less vulnerable to the ‘Sirene’s call.’ Stabilize blood sugar levels. Low sugar or hypoglycemia triggers migraines in some.  Stop and eat if you are getting tired and run down.  Don’t eat sugar or caffeine. Eat foods with magnesium, and take vitamin supplements of the same. The magnesium improves the flexibility of blood vessels and supports the function of serotonin receptors.  This is particularly important if you do have migraines. Partake of more B’s, especially B2- riboflavin. It mitigates headaches because it facilitates oxygen use by the tissues, especially skin nails and hair.  It helps with eye fatigue and helps prevent cataracts, It aids in the metabolism of carbs, fats, and proteins. B2 is found in poultry, spinach, yogurt, asparagus, avocados, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, nuts, eggs, fish, meat, and currants. Sometimes you can abort a headache if you take… Read more »

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