Astrological Consultations

As above so below, as within, so without

“Astrology can be put to the service of healing, transformational growth, and stronger relationships.  Who doesn’t want that?”

Samantha Cameron became a professional Astrologer in 1998, after many wonderful years studying under the great Marion March.  Presently, she sees clients, writes a weekly energy-blog for clients and Daily Breath Journal, and develops her Yoga classes as explorations of solar-lunar energy shifts.  In sharing her planetary knowledge, she offers objective viewpoints to ease life’s ups and downs, sharing an expansive understanding in the use of energy. Samantha’s natal consultations give clients deep psychological insights into who they are, why they are, and the purpose they pursue.  Perspectives of the past, including the family matrix, relationships, habits, loss, jobs and health are explored in order to make better future decisions. A Solar Return offers insights into the year ahead. Upcoming major themes and issues are explored. Each consultation is designed for a healing experience; a spiritual and energetic renewal in personal growth.

Personal consultations are available via Skype, telephone and in person.

Natal Charts – Psychologically exploring you; what makes you tick, what holds you back, what are your gifts, how are you using them, where and when do you want change?
$150 for an hour and a half consultation.

Solar Returns – exploring the year ahead, from birthday to birthday:  What areas in your life are changing?  Where should your focus go? How best to manipulate rocky waters, and make plans for becoming a splendid YOU?
$100  for one hour consultation.

Compatibility Charts – great for deeper knowledge of two people working, or not, together. Must have permission of both parties in order to do the chart.

Infant/Baby Chart –  Delineates the gifts and issues the child has come in to work on.

Consultations are recorded  at your request.

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