Inspirations: Transformation

Change Agents R Us

1. If asking, “What can I do better?” Think first about, “Who can I become?” We hear & see the same old information differently when our ears and eyes receive with a different vibration. Changing perception just enough to create shifts in old patterns allows for new territory. 2. When I was first contemplating marriage, a wise man asked, “Do you love him 51%?” I was appalled at the low percentage he required to put my life into change mode. He said, “If you can do even this tiny bit more than half, psychologically you will achieve what you desire.” 3. The power of now is powerful. Live in it, but do not expect change in it. Change is a Saturn based process, dealing with tempo, timing, pacing, repetition. Think of how often you do the scales on a piano before you play at Carnegie…or the Boogie Woogie bar down the street. Boogie daily to beckon changes. 4. When you Boogie, you’re happy, this is probably the most important change-agent of all. You can struggle through bad times, but you can’t live there. For change to be permanent, it has to make you happy, and you need that joy in creating. It’s like changing your diet. Too much denial makes for spiraling sugar splurges. Adding small sweet tastes of honey, raisins, tangerines, etc. keeps you light-bodied and cheerful. 5. When our new diet fails, or we falter yet once again to keep a promise to ourselves, it’s the best time for God to ask, “Are you ready now?” When we fail, we are our most teachable. If we never try, we never fail, therefore we are taught little, learn less. If we must go down in defeat, let us go down like thunder, and then be willing once again to… Read more »

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Unwritten Books

Are we unwritten books waiting to fill each blank page with our idiosyncratic beliefs and characters? Or, is it a previous plot, a soul’s memoir that leaves space only for prepositions and minor detail? (Oh lordy, those seemingly small, insignificant prepositions that instantly change the face of the moment.) In the vitality of spring the ability to write our pages in present time feels more available, less pre-scripted. Perhaps it is only the excess of green ooze filling every pore that jumps our spirit into that ‘I am’ exultation and creation. With Gaia exploding into life, breathing abundance and authorship of beauty without measure, it feels as if we can, indeed, must attend our blank pages in every moment, lest life careen past, and our flowers fade and die without admiration. Our creativity, mirroring Gaia’s, surges with fascinating verbs, over-arching adjectives, and choiceful prepositions demanding growth and exploration. Winter does not feel the same. We are not called upon to attend such erotic chartreuse chaos. Capricorn’s Saturnine bone structure sets a measured pace. We move within where the imaginal plot holds gravitas, asking our stories and characters to stand outlined in greater precision. It doesn’t mean those pages are easier, but it’s not the same free for all, higgledy-pigged, bawdy-be-in-the-moment cacophony of spring. Does it matter whether we are writing daily/ hourly/moment by moment pages? Does it give us more power to be that kind of a change agent? If the pages are not blank, but written in soul-stone, invisible ink that reveals itself as we follow our own ‘fooking instructions,’ is life less valued, less precious? Either way, perhaps the really worthwhile questions are…”Do I like this plot? Are my characters strong and true? Does my story have something lively and important to impart? Am I in the service… Read more »

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