Legitimate Thanks

Often when the ego is diminished, we feel an ‘insufficiency of gratitude,’ sometimes heard of as ‘the mean reds.’ We feel in those times that there is little call for thanks, or giving. We don’t have enough Self to be expansive, generous, or grateful, having forgetten it’s just the ego, not all of Self. The problem lies in it feeling like all. It is in fact only the ‘little Self’ with the over-sized voice. (heard as whiney & over rated)

“Why me?” “Why not me?” “How could they?” It should’a been me!” “ Me Me Me, ohhh ghrrrr, waaaghhhhh.”

Loud, voracious, demanding and hungry for attention, it is a raunchy-red-voice that if it is grateful at all, it’s only for one moment before hunger strikes again, needing more strokes, more awards, more acknowledgement.

What about a legitimate me? What about a timeless, open-hearted, Soul-Self that sits quietly in the dark behind ‘Big Red?’ Despite nay saying to the contrary, that dark-quiet Self is a complete compadre, a True self with whom we do, and we become extra-ordinary. It can be heroic, but most often it operates un-seen, and un-known, listening, nurturing, observing, saving.

It understands all too well our needy-greedy cries, smiling at the Me Me Me-ness. When we turn toward this other entity, this silent, healing, surrendering Self, and move into its well of peace, we are home. We can even be ‘home’ for crazy making holidays, rooted in power that does not rise to the bait of old hot spots, and wound-poking. This lovely, legitimate Self is never diminished by failure, gluttony, or pettiness. And when we remember the shining abundance of this legitimacy, sitting at the head of our table, let us indeed offer up Grace for ‘all things bright and beautiful.’

Asana: Choose the Asanas you give yourself to unconditionally, without judgment or fear, those lovely poses where you are most naturally your free, generous and beautiful self; your legitimate Self.

Astrology and Yoga of Transformation



  • * Today is Fat Tuesday, signaling the event of lent on the morrow. In the Catholic tradition, Mardi Gras/Fat Tuesday is a joyous celebration of feasting on fat before the diets and cleansing of Lent.
  • *The contradiction between overeating and dieting is similar to our contrapuntal aggressive Bossy Pants energy, VS gentle inner flow.
  • * Pisces can be filled with light despite its dark blues. Use its blending mutating quality to infect others with your light. As we make major leaps in our evolution, use this strategic time, despite its confusion, or perhaps because of it.


THE WATERY TALE                                                                                                                             

The Edict from the Pisces New Moon of the 23rd requests we not be in hot pursuit, nor put a high value on reality. Rather, it is a time of exploration: Attend to creative, connective, intuitive underworlds. Listen, without judgment to confusing streams of consciousness. The Sun, Venus, Neptune, and Retrograde Mercury yet swim in the water-world, bringing sweet, but low, energies, along with desires to go within and listen to hidden inner layers of information. It may look lazy, but this is hard work, hence many bodies feeling extra tired. Check in with your New Moon seeds of intention, visualize the Piscean flow as a bridge to the unknown. Built of silence and stillness, the bridge, (or Yug-Sanscrit for linking or joining, hence Yoga) takes us through veils of the mundane to connect to Source. It is the ‘cosmic call’ forward.

Mr. Bossy-Pants Mars moved into Capricorn on the 17th, supporting desire for forward movement. He’s quite pleased with himself in Capricorn for he is supported with formidable vigor, and indelible strength. The Mars assertiveness can be overly aggressive, and possibly operate from a ‘bully shadow,’ but if we remain conscious of how and where we commit our energy, this Mars is a great antidote to the Pisces drift and weary languor. Mars has another support system with its trine outlet to Uranus. These two are electric, and can call kundalini energy up the body, especially with breath work. It’s a great opportunity to practice a few simple Pranayama breaths and feel your body be inspired to shift and move farther and deeper than expected. Please be advised that Mars with Uranus, in any form, can be volatile. No running with scissors, and take extra care around sharp machinery, especially with Mercury retrograde, as we tend to be late, and not pay close attention.

The other ‘helping hand’ to move through the Pisces miasma is Saturn, the taskmaster, with Pluto, the transformer, still in Capricorn, operating at maximum potency. These two power brokers hold us to high standards, demanding deep, diligent work. Jupiter is also here, and expanding whatever it contacts. Because Capricorn is an earth sign, it trines, or supports the two other earth signs of Taurus and Virgo, especially if you have planets in the 17-25 degrees of same. Yes, you may feel over whelmed but hard-working-ones expect to reap rewards, if not now, then upcoming.

As to your mind and communicative abilities, Mercury remains in Pisces until April 8. This is a long sojourn, offering the mind an indirect dive deeper into ‘Emotional Intelligence’. The feeling brain of spirituality and creativity is working its magic. Keep a dream diary, or allow channeled writing, listen and feel inspired. You are far more intuitive than you think. If you wish tools to enter the zen-zone, listen to music, move, be in nature, be in or near water, meditate, breathe. Feel your Zen Self expanding, letting the noise and exasperations dissolve. Find joy in diving deep and coming up with new jewels, new seeds of intention.

During this last week of February, take advantage of napping, sucking your thumb, eating sweet fats, and dreaming big as the energy of March is much more dynamic. Also, pay attention to relationships, not only due to Mercurial confusion, but Venus, goddess of relationships and love, is in Aires, sign of the warrior, and squares Pluto on Friday. Expect to feel deep emotion, along the discomfort of dealing with issues control and power. A tug of war can suddenly erupt unless you are paying attention. Remain alert to the push and pull. Blow kisses, not kicks.

YOUR BIRTHDAY WEEK: As you head into unknown territory, expect some confusion. This may be uncomfortable, but can suddenly offer unexpected gifts. You will be more contemplative than normal, even for a Pisces, but use the energies as opportunity to take a meditation class, or art workshop, dance classes, or guitar and voice. In other words, step off your beaten path to find a deeper joy within. There is a year of greater courage as well as confusion, so “just keep swimming.” Wrap your birthday prezzie with a big bow of beauty and new potential. Re-assess where and how you are, then visualize the you that you desire to be a year from now. Bon Voyage!

An Astrological consult offers an opportunity to observe your life without judgment, and ask strategic questions to plan the road ahead.  It’s many-layered toolbox supports viewing a difficult situation, life-changes, or a frightening choice with greater courage, insight and clarity. Inquiries:  samcatcam@gmail.com

 YOUR PRACTICE: Take time this week for Pranayama, as well as turning inward, and listen to the lub dub of your heart. Again, it is another emotional week, with the Moon canoodling with different planetary energy every day, putting you on a small roller coaster of shifting emotion. Use your Practice to stay open, to console and heal. Stay present to what is, and make that magical. Use your shifting emotions to create new ways to feel happy, and then share them with those near you. Reach out into the Pisces flow of communication to move asanas from breath, to the next sequence. Observe your constantly shifting Yoga landscape of surprising elements. The Practice is vast, deep, and broad. It’s what keeps us coming back in discovery, and delight.

MARCH  Schedule

Classes will be cancelled, or handled by wonderful subs, until March 18 as I am teaching shaktidances in Spain, in the memory of D.Quijote, and side-kick S. Panza. We will send pictures and posts so you may share in magical explorations as we dance across España.

WED. 3/18~ 5:15 All Levels, & 7:00 PM Intermediate. Come and be in a magic practice. Do not worry if you are good enough. You are. Breathe into the serenity and pleasure of the body’s journey. Listen to a mind informed by its heart.

THURS. 3/19~ 8:30 AM Pilates Mat & Stretch.  The Studio, 1 Edson Rd, Natick samcatcam@gmail.com

SAT. 3/21 ~ 8:30 & 10:00 AM classes.   Share your joy, expand ideas, and re-set the Practice. Call intuitive ideas forward. Dance to feel the body in joyful motion. The Studio, 1Edson rd. Natick   RSVP  samcatcam@gmail.com