Serene As A Fish

Being vacuous is the new luxury. Vacuous defined as, ‘empty, void, vacant.’  The modern inference is, lacking intelligence.  But the truly vacuous state may be the most intelligent after all.  When we are empty – are we not available for filling?

When was the last time there was space to not do-YOU? When was it you were not multi-tasking, not be planning your next move in the middle of the present one?  Can you pull up one vacuous-memory? When did you feel a new, unexpected possibility present itself because you had a wide space of nothingness?  Can you feel the gift of silence as it hushed your landscape?  More please.

I used to swim, lost in oceans

Seeking other wild, gentle things,

With large eyes on either side

That lived within.

They were from other worlds

Filling me with delight.

Now, I am never lost

And no one visits.

Pose & Seasonal Energies

Asana: Matsyasana-Fish Pose  If you have a dicey neck, the full pose is not for you,  begin with Fish prep.   Lie on your back, either with knees bent- feet on the floor, or legs strongly extended. Inhale, lifting hips off  floor,  sliding  palms under buttocks. With buttocks on back of the hands, pull forearms and elbows up close to ribs. Inhale, pressing forearms and elbows against floor, lift torso and head up.  With a dicey neck, keep head off floor.  Open the chest to the sky and breath.

For the full pose, crown or back of head is on floor, hands come into Namaste mudra on chest, or can be extended overhead.  Keep legs strong and chest lifted to minimize weight on head.  Lengthen neck, don’t crunch it. If the back is strong, lift legs at 45 degree angle.

Health Notes: This is a wonderful chest opener for asthma,  and other lung- issues.  As in all chest openers, helps enliven the body, throwing off depression and lethargy. Strengthens spine and neck, and emotionally, presents a quiet moment to open the heart, feel expansive, willing to do the right thing.

Astrology Notes: When planets go retrograde, the best use of their energy is to review, re-wind, re-consider, and go within before moving forward.  It can be considered a ‘vacuous state,’ one spent wisely in being rather than the forward charge to do.  At the moment we have Mars and Saturn retrograde.  Both are big, demanding planets of moving forward, with energy and a structured plan.  Perhaps the Universe is asking we stop, grow vacuous, if for only moments, before assuming we know the right move?  Plus Neptune has moved into its own home of Pisces, which makes fishes of us all; a  calling to dream, to sit with silence, be the poet, the painter, the ‘absent-one.’

Ayurvedic Notes: Knowing that ego/Ahamkara is the most basic conscious, and subconscious reaction that keeps the greater field of Self suppressed, seek moments that free up and offer the ego more space.  Breathing calmly into the body, lying in a Savasana of peace, of vacuous nothingness, gives opportunity not only for bliss, but to not be entirely run by ego.

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