Serious Sedition

Anymore, our days ask for the rational, the analytical, and heavy time management. To create balance, we must return to poetry and Yoga, dance, and song.  What we need most is mystery, and intimacy, nurturing and magic.  As technology takes over, and we are more and more indoctrinated into literalness, and linear thinking, parsing each hour into multitudinous tasks that are less and less satisfying, we turn with gratitude to any Practice that nurtures the inner life. We lift our voice in secret songs, and tread the light fantastic across the kitchen floor.  Return to Rumi:

We are the mirror as well as the face in it.

We are tasting the taste this minute of eternity.

We are pain and what cures pain.

We are the sweet cold water and the jar that pours.

Great poetry, great anything, does not have to ‘make sense.’ It speaks via symbolic power, not intellect. What gets fed is an abiding sense of wonder that has nothing to do with rational life. This is sedition of the highest order. That wow of recognition and response travels directly into layered mandalas of bone, muscle, mucous, mind, emotion, and spirit where soul waits. This spiral into the unknown is where heavenly, inexplicable treasures lead toward the imaginative act, where we ache to express more of who we are.  This scary vulnerability requires a touch of madness and willingness for chaos. It asks for time to be set aside when we are not producing, not being ‘excellent,’ when we are messy and incoherent.  When was the last time you allowed that?

Technology tends to honor the fast lane and the literal, the linear and the tidy where language, and whatever other tools are used, gets the job done tout suite.  Not a bad thing.  But like anything, when it is all consuming-there is suffering. In these times, magic emerges from an equal mix of practicality and mystery, mayhem & clarity.  Our darkness needs light, and to paraphrase the great Leonard Cohen ….’the breakage is how the light gets in.’






Class Announcements


 We rock in full Yang this Sat. to prepare body, emotions & spirit for coming Full Moon, the year’s spiciest!  Plus we celebrate Fall Equinox, one of the year’s four major crossroads. Come prepared to step into the power of the feminine, with new Shakti Yoga Dance and ritual of honoring our relationships to earth & sky.

Due to large funeral at the church, please do not park in rear.  Thank you!

Remember to mark calendars for Harvest Full Moon ritual of drumming, Yoga, dance, and all else of the howling persuasion: Fri 28, drum lesson at 6 PM-with Martin Case, ceremonies at 7 PM-Laughing Dog Yoga on Linden in Wellesley.  $25.00.

Sunday Salon will be postponed to the second Sunday in Oct-the 14th,  as many are out of town for Columbus Day weekend.

There will be no Monday AM class at Laughing Dog on Oct. 8- Columbus Day.

I will be subbing for Daniel two upcoming Fridays: Oct 12 ,and 19th, at 9:30 AM-Laughing Dog.

Will love seeing you at any and all upcoming events.

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Jennifer Cooper

Ahh…how sweet those moments are in which the mind wanders and ruminates, the body relaxes and succumbs, the senses peak…the last time I did that you ask? Last Saturday morning during your incredibly layered class in Savasana. xoxo


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