Solstice Reverie


Solstice Reverie


The sky arcs up and out as earth lifts herself

Awaiting the long-night.

The Sun God moves to stand-still

 Leaving seductive seed.

We guess this secret dance

Abandon life to it

And await the lover’s descent,

The earth’s quivering brace

 Feet dancing the belly of the beloved

Who offers warm milk-teats,

The breast of God

Lifted from rolling fields of hay.

Winding roses wrap bare thighs

Seducing The Sun long past his hour.

Now spent, they whisper

Late, late into the longest light.



Linda, love that you love the poetry of life. Sometimes it’s so beautiful it aches, no? Happy to be standing side by side in appreciation. Hope this night is as achy-breaky for you.


Beautiful poetry Samantha! Your words brought beautiful pictures to my mind…


Yes! Late, late into the longest light! I am imagining it. Hope your longest light has been all that.


If only you were here to dance with us through the faerie dust, life would be wonderful. Hope you’re celebrating somehow, hand looking forward to our time together!


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