Why & Because

Why Do we only search for God when love is missing? If we were ecstatic, love-filled beings, why would we ever seek to change? Is there a conspiracy running all religions to keep us fearful and unhappy? If filled with light, why feel a need to turn to priest, rabbi, Imam, or Maharishi? If love… Read more »

Unanswered Prayers & Lessons In Magic

What is fate!  Does it exist?  Do thoughts create a fate? Just how much control is there to plan the life we wish?  Does synchronicity rely on our point of view?  And if our point of view changes the outcome of an event, does that make the science of life more a form of divination?… Read more »

Women Of Wonder

“Breathe, Believe, Battle.”  This is a perfect mantra for the London Olympics, the arrival of the woman.   The command comes from one of America’s great duo’s, the beach volleyball queens, Kerri Walsh, and Misty May.  Kerri offered it to a microphone when they asked, ‘how do you come back from disappointment, and loss to win?’ … Read more »

Miracles & Wonder

Paul Simon had it right.  “It is the time of miracles and wonder.”  The Universe is instructing us to let go, to devolve, to embrace divine discontent, and it doesn’t matter how we do it.  In this new ‘embrace,’ do we see how destructive we’ve grown, how carelessly we walk upon the earth, how intolerantly… Read more »

Right Relationship

For some strange reason- the world decided to begin a new year in winter’s thickness, when natures turns in, and the north wind summons silence and long sleep.  Perhaps winter’s slow and quiet offers needed space to review and consider how best to begin again?  It takes fortitude, desire, and generosity to forgive and surrender… Read more »

Last Breath

Posting the last Breathe of 2014, waving farewell to 12 months of living, leaning back before plunging in, time to ask, “What have I learned?  What was the cost in life-energy?  Was it energy well spent?” Dealing with these twisty times takes its toll. It teaches and refines our vocabulary.  It offers un-expected solace, redemption,… Read more »

Mystery & Mastery

This time of year takes us into the dark, our inner core of sustenance, which does not have to be mysterious, but when given half a chance-is.  As explored in last week’s Breath, we are in that straddling time of endings and beginnings, of work and celebration, of fall into winter, of questioning past results… Read more »

Engaged In Mystery

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2JxxNOuYyA&feature=player_embedded We can choose to perceive the mundane as a grand, and weird mystery, or a boring dump.  We can, and do, edit our viewpoints from multiple perspectives in every moment: spiritual, self-absorbed, short-sighted, hopeful, angry, in awe, confident, un-knowing, detached, add-on ad-nausea.  As Buddha said, if you are sad, wait until the next breath. … Read more »