Miracles & Wonder

Paul Simon had it right.  “It is the time of miracles and wonder.”  The Universe is instructing us to let go, to devolve, to embrace divine discontent, and it doesn’t matter how we do it.  In this new ‘embrace,’ do we see how destructive we’ve grown, how carelessly we walk upon the earth, how intolerantly we stand against one another?  These are high surf warnings, but they are also part of the miracle-equation, for miracles are born of balancing anxiety and change.  We also demand them when on high alert in high surf.

If “violence is anything that causes separation,”*  then hold on to hope for the wonder of miracles, for it is here we are most capable of change.  In extremes, we see what is toxic, and what is not. We are able to perceive ourselves as ‘separate from.’ Despite, great effort, we remain tribal.  This is about societies unable to rise above petty desire and small world- views.  When we cannot embrace ‘the other’ as self, division contaminates the country.  The issue is, we’ve allowed this violence within, otherwise it would not live without.

When we shift from allowing the patriarchy to dominate- and begin equally trusting the feminine, when we learn to value feelings as well as logic, when intuition tells us as much as intellect, then we are on our way to the miraculous. We are on our way to union. It is in the balancing of the other, not in the dismissal of one over the other that we create wonderous possibility.  The masculine call  “to do” rather than “to be,” forces some of the speed we are struggling to master.  At a breakneck pace, we are only in our heads, going in the direction of will, with little-to-no fluidity.  The ability to listen to our feelings, to connect deeply with Self, and with others is not possible until we are able to re-train body/brains to handle the faster vibrations.  The feminine lives in emotional fluidity and resilience and without her we are vulnerable to shutting down any moments of miraculous thinking, never mind feeling.

At this time in the Universe, as we dismantle old constructs… on every level, consider how much you love being a miracle.  Each day, when panic overcomes good intention, and speed picks up to shove me around, I only ask, “How many ways can I see myself changing?  How much more joy awaits this resilient, flexible, intuitive, emotional me?”  What are you asking?


 *Stephanie Austin in June-July Mountain Astrologer

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Tara Kamath

How true, and how beautifully stated, as usual. I’m sure The Boy in the Bubble will be weaving through my brain like a mantra today. Thank you, Samantha!



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