Accidental Bumps

Yesterday I took a running spill, coming down hard on lower spine and posterior hip. It forced me toward new thought: One, I need to slow down. Two, it is time to restructure.

Bones, ruled by Saturn, hold the physical body in place. Saturn, watch-dogs our boundaries, asking if we have sensible rules & regulations for a positive earth experience. Clearly when Saturn/bones cry out… pay attention. When Saturn takes over too much territory, when all we do is work, and be over-responsible, life grows dark, and depressive. Re- balancing is demanded.

I am reminded that in the Tarot, Saturn represents the devil, not as an evil presence, rather as a metaphor for the senses, and personality that create the ego. Without a strong ego-structure, we are easily lost. But if the ego comes to rule spontaneity, and silliness we are in trouble. When the sensuous aspects of our nature stop feeding the personality, when pessimism and hard work crowd out joy and adventure, then havoc ensues.

Saturn is also known as ‘The Dweller on the Threshold.’ Here, its ‘doorway’ is about testing to see if we are ready to move to the next level. Some might say it is another representation of the devil, but if spelled backwards, it becomes, ‘lived.’ Perfect! In our daily living we are tested to see if we have built correct structures for mind, body, and emotions. Are we strong in spirit? How well do we discriminate, and illuminate our reality? Do we walk toward our transformations and initiations? Consider ‘initiation’ as simply passing into higher levels of wisdom.

The simple questions are: Will I slow down enough to see, and fix, what is out of bounds? Can I re-map the dark territory of my fears? Will I be willing to sit with my bruised ego and console it?

Indeed… those innocent accidents, those bumbs in the night! What worlds of exploration they contain.

Asana: Whatever pose flips your consciousness; Sirsasana/ Headstand; Pincha Mayurasana/ forearm balance; Salamba Sarvangasan/ Shoulder Stand, are a few of the many Poses that can take our perceptions of reality toward different visions.

Health Notes: Not only does going upside down re-new our P.O.V., but brain cells are bathed in blood, the heart goes above the head to allow it leadership, and we ‘take a load off.’ One must retreat from full steam ahead/business as usual when working to reverse the order of the known Universe.

Astrologic Notes: Pisces energy at this time of year, asks us to lose ourselves in the great ocean of ‘oneness.’ Neptune, ruling Pisces, is about our spirit, our connection to all things/beings. We can get there through drugs, drink, dreams, prayer, chanting, music, Yoga….all elements ruled by Neptune.

Ayurvedic Notes: Moving from winter to early spring. Not only is the weather unbalanced, but bodies are changing to gear up for different experiences. Ayurveda teaches that to stay well we must remain balanced, despite changing conditions. Pay greater attention to nutritional, and emotional needs. March is a perfect month to experience a short fast, clean out the gunk, and re-vitalize.


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