Equinox-Growing Light

This equinox calls us to grow our inner light as powerfully as we respond to the the outer transformation of spring. Those of us who have been in snow’s lock-down, become joy-crazy with the warmth in this light. Even if we have not been held in repressive freezes, it is time to release the dark weight of fear. Whether dancing through daffodils, or surfing San Onofre, the inner flame of this spring’s re-birth calls us all.

A friend just sent me the following ‘cycle of awareness.’ Perhaps we can use it as a catalyst for our mutual growing light. We cannot go on as before. The earth cannot support our darkness. We cannot withstand the bleakness. We change or die. Here’s a kick in the butt toward change:

The Seven Day Cycle of Equinox
1ST Day: Releasing Old Patterns
2nd Day: Releasing Old Emotions
3rd Day: Releasing Old Problems
Day of Solstice/Equinox: meditate on New Energy, Ideas, Directions for
current or coming projects
5th Day: State or re-state Personal and Global Dreams
6th Day: Dreams and Expectations for the next 3 months
7th Day: Set a single habit in place for on-going processes of Self-Realization
During first 3 days– write 2-3 items to release for each day, then tear or burn the papers upon completion of meditation/ritual.
Write 2-4 items for manifestation at the Solstice or Equinox, then for following three days,
Meditate on what you Desire to Manifest. Keep these papers in a sacred place for the coming three months until the next cycle begins.

Asana: Urdhva Upavistha Konasana/ Upward Facing Open Angle Pose. You can move into this Pose from rolling back and forth on the spine, with knees curled at chest. Roll up to sit on Sitts bones, slowly extend bent knees as far as possible. Grab legs, or outside of feet, while keeping a steady Drishti/focus for balance. You can also take the stately approach, lifting one straight leg at a time from a seated position. Grab the big toes, lift on the inhale, and open both legs out as far and as high as possible. Bring lower back and chest forward.

Health Note: This is not only a Pose to strengthen and lengthen the legs, and abdominals, but it lifts the heart, and demand we learn steadiness when things (a pose) are difficult. Against the odds, when we open the heart and build muscle, we can rise. (Read change.) Any of the Upavista Konasana Asana assist blood to circulate better in the pelvic area. It can relieve mild sciatica and prevent development of hernia. It helps regulate menstrual flow, stimulating the ovaries.

Astrologic Note: We enter Aires territory, come March 21st. Like the plant life, Aires energy wants to burst forth, make love, move, take-charge, grow. It feels the force of creative light, wishing to manifest as expressive will. Mars, Aires planet, rules the head/brain, and the important organs associated with, especially the eyes.

Ayurvedic Note: Many Aires folk are fiery, which relate to the Pitta Dosha, or constitution. Impatience and aggression can stand in the way of their abilities to balance life and achieve, which is important to Pitta and Aires type. If Pitta can eat more bitter, astringent, sweet foods instead of sour, salty and pungent, which they often crave, then balance is more easily achieved. Big Pitta no-no foods are caffeine, meat, alcohol, salt, and eggs, all of which promote compulsiveness and aggression.


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