Graduation Blooms

Come May someone, somewhere begins walking to Pomp & Circumstance. The hymn of graduation hums along for all, it is simply more audible in certain lives. Just as Ma Nature graduates to full-bloom- glory come spring, we fling off old garb, open windows, and show intimate skin, to take next steps.

Revealing ourselves anew is an alchemical process for it demands constant participation. Just as school requires we show up for class, do homework, kiss up to the teacher, and finish exams to graduate, we must rise and shine to bloom and grow time and again in order to transform.

We must become the gardener and the flower, for as in any scientific experiment, the outcome depends as much on the involvement of the observer/gardener as the flowering-one. We too must do homework; till the soil/soul, fertilize the roots/ mind, reveal the heart of our colors, and kiss everyone who takes a moment to admire our effort.

If we do not stand at the window for sunrise, or lie under the moon as she traverses her heaven, we have no knowledge, or use of their power. There is no alchemical change within, and if we hope to transform our world, if we treasure being beautiful-beings of courage and joy, then we must experience the radiance. It is hopeless to read, and intellectually understand these things, just as insight without emotional connection will not move us toward our next graduation. We must be greedy for the full, bloody experience…the demands, surprises, and gifts, or we wilt, faded, repressed and unfulfilled.

This is a time of enormous graduations, of re-wiring, and re-configuring old skills, old thinking patterns. If we do not hear faint strains of Pomp & Circumstance as we step up and out each day, then we’d best run back, and put on a more colorful cap and gown so we dazzle and bloom in alchemical radiance.

Asana/Pose: Vrschikasana /Scorpion is a pose requiring much preparation and schooling in order to graduate to its beauty. Kneel on the floor, placing forearms and hands parallel to one another, with elbows under the shoulders. Exhale, swinging torso and legs up over shoulders. You are now in Pincha Mayurasana/tail, or feather of the Peacock. Lift head up, and bring feet down toward crown of head, exhaling. You now have the appearance of a Scorpion as it strikes its victim. Work toward keeping legs and feet together, making shins parallel to upper arms, and keeping chest open.

Health Notes: There are many great health benefits from this pose, such as a stronger, more supple spine, expanded chest and breathing, and more powerful arms and back, but the best is its psychological workings. B.K.S. Iyengar writes in The Light On Yoga, “The head which is the seat of knowledge and power is also the seat of pride, anger, hatred, jealousy, intolerance and malice. These emotions are more deadly than the poison which the scorpion carries in its sting. The yogi, by stamping on his head with his feet, attempts to eradicate these self-destroying emotions and passions.”

Ayurvedic Notes: Any poses which increase breath capacity not only fortify the lungs, they fortify bones, for the health of bone is tied to the health of the lungs and the colon. When lungs and large intestine are inefficient, we absorb Prana inefficiently, and Vata energy increases. This airy, expansive, subtle energy is not inherently nutritious. But when we can balance and use bone efficiently, we balance the lungs, especially in a pose such as Scorpion, which is weight bearing, and opens chest capacity.

Astrology Notes: Taurus, represented by the bull, has the power and will to create a strong root system. Her difficulty often lies in not being flexible once she’s set her course. The bull has the tenacity to learn difficult poses, especially if she finds them beautiful. In overcoming a pose like Scorpion she grows more flexible, as well as demonstrating her determination and strength.


Stephen Hauser

I am reminded of something I was told years ago about art pieces and the Japanese family. Don’t know that it is true, but, I suspect it is to some extent. You … on the East Coast, have the four seasons. Each puts on a “new cap and gown”. You get to experience a new art form every season.

I was told years ago that Japanese have small homes, small rooms. They can only afford a limited amount of space to hang one piece of art at a time … but they gain a new feeling (perhaps an old feeling being rekindled) each time they switch one painting for another to that single space of honor.

I like the idea of rediscovering a feeling you have possibly hidden, or have put away, for the time being. You get those four seasons on the East Coast. Still. I think I shall stick to our one, possibly two, deasons out here.

Thanks for making me think. As always.


“Graduation Blooms”

How well you capture what is important and necessary in growing and meeting life’s challenges. Thank you for wonderful and timely advice while nature is in full bloom and changes of graduations and life’s transitions abound.


How true this is. I have felt it, lived it,
but was never able to define it or even thought about the meaning.
I am a Taurus are you?



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