Still Dancing/More Rhythms

For those of you who read last week’s ‘Breath’ you know this is a continuation of that discussion of seasonal elements… another layer in our ability to discern energy.

Summer Rhythm
As in nature, summer energies are ones of fulfillment, rising heat/fire and maturing. Like the Astrologic Leo, Summer People, when coming from their strengths, are exciting, moving from the heart, from their radiance of creativity and joy. Like the Ayruvedic Pitta Dosha, when in balance, they embody a fiery radiance to make things happen, eliciting co-operating from right use of their charisma and unique charm. Who doesn’t love someone leading with the heart? They are magical magicians, whose believe in self helps the rest of us believe in ourselves against all odds.

When out of balance, Summer bodies, like Pitta constitutions, can become frenzied with too much activity, exhausting themselves in over-commitment. They can be so connected to the bright/happy side of life that they are unable to see the dark, or deal with depression. They can also become chaos, or hysteria-junkies, living for the highs until burned out. Learning to discern the fine line between joyous wide-eyed optimism and reality, between commitment and over-drive, or creativity and chaos, is the primary work of Summer People and of this season.

Solstice/Equinox Rhythm
These bodies are similar to the Ayurvedic Vata Dosha in that they deal with the instability of transitions. In order to handle the sway and movement of constant change, they are earth energy. The polarity in each solstice and equinox provides these people with their primary task which is to hold a steady balance in order to assimilate multiple changes. In this they are similar to the air sign, Libra, in its desire to connect and support others, offering peaceful means of change. Like Libra, when stressed, this energy can over-baby, or control others by over protecting.

Understanding the toll profound change requires, solstice/equinox people may stay in a situation too long, or try to control an inevitable cycle of change. Since the Universe is in a stressed cycle of transition at this time, we must all find that earth-mother inside to help others, and help ourselves to move with balanced compassion.

Autumn Rhythm
Autumn people deal with endings, and fertilizing the next cycle. We pay attention to what has value, and what must be released. It is a metal element; restrained, serene, barren and graceful, like the skeletal structure of a tree against fading autumn light.

Dealing with this ending cycle, autumn bodies tend toward the perfection of getting it right. They are motivated to be excellent, inspiring, and true, or pure. They are also sad, for they are informed by others grief. Autumn is often a time of longing, of turning inward, and this brings talents of discernment and abilities to find meaning in experience.

When stressed, autumn people turn depressed, constrained, dreary or aloof. The trap of perfection may paralyze them from entering into life, or may make judgments severe. Standards may be over-inflated.

Practicing Savasana prepares us for our death, just as the autumn rhythm prepares the ending of any cycle; the end of childhood, the end of parenting, the end of working, the end. Period. When we use Autumn energies well, we are at peace with our cycles within cycles, we move to closure with Grace, we acknowledge the grief of loss, and release what is no longer necessary. We die over and over, just as we enter into Savasana; hearts open, bodies soft, minds tender.

Asana/Pose. Savasana, of course.


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