Happy New Year

The regeneration of this new cycle asks that every day hold baby steps of awakening. It begs the self of personality to grow into the Self of soul. It requires the heart’s Grace to be inclusive rather than exclusive. It asks kindness at every turn, especially kindness toward self, that small self that feels it’s failing, it hasn’t done enough, if only it had been better…’this’ would not be happening. The ancient Hebrew timing of a ‘New Year’ asks we inspire ourselves with the breath of spirit.

Observing world-changes, and feeling our own shifts, we boot sleepy, and frightened selves into fast forward. This struggle of the Aquarian age is to give birth to a new consciousness. With the profound planetary energies surrounding this new moon, this ‘new year,’ we finally move from out-grown shells and irrelevant structures. Scary? You bet! Demanding? Absolutely! You think you have any choice? None!

What can a butterfly do but tear itself from the mold of its old chrysalis to its new adventure of flight? Like us, it may appear calm and nonchalant, but what do we know of another’s inner struggles? Afterward, when the changes become visible, we are congratulated that we took the leap, ran the river, flew off the branch…after wings stop shaking, hearts stop pounding. This new world, this new year is not just for the bold and beautiful, it is for everyone alive to Self, breathing to become… L’shana tovah

Asana: Karna-Pidasana/Ear Pressure Pose. This pose is often the release from Sarvangasana/shoulder stand, as you lower legs overhead to floor. Move through Halasana/ Plough Pose, then bend knees, drop them toward the floor on either side of the head, by the ears. Hands can help prop the back up, or clasp together on floor away from shoulders, opening pectoral muscles. No weight on neck!

Health Notes: This is not only a great stretch for the spine, but an inward turning pose where you easily hear the quality of your breath, and can think great thoughts in the composure of a stable, relaxed pose. It is a perfect Asana to complete before Savasana as you simply unroll the legs, unroll the spine and surrender. Therefore it is a great pose for insomnia, as it cools and quiets the body, easing erratic thought and worry, offering inner surrender.

Astrology Notes: Virgo’s demand to clean out, and complete daily tasks is shouting loud & clear. The New Moon on the 19th is ruled by Mercury, Virgo’s ruler, and Mercury is retrograde in the degree of the moon, AND the Saturn/Uranus face off is dancing in the same territory. The message of the ‘stars’ is to get ship-shape in every way possible; do baby steps toward new habits; become more responsible for health and well being of self & the planet.

Ayurvedic Notes: In the northern hemisphere, Pitta-heat has given way to Vata’s windy, dry, mobile imbalances. Because Vata tends to be unstable it needs Virgo’s attention and processing of daily habits. Practicing Karna Pidasana, Halasana and Sarvangasana assist in grounding Vata’s quick, light system. And Vata imbalances, like Virgo’s, are often revealed via the digestive system, both energies are well served by short, seasonal cleanses.

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