Equinox Ritual

As the earth held her moment of perfect balance between night & day, a tiny band of brothers circled a fire to celebrate. We stood as witnesses, called as our ancestors had been called to celebrate ‘The Queen,’ to partake and believe in her mysteries.

In this last breath before tidal waves of change create different lives, and ways of being, we cradled ourselves in a time-out, gathering to be present for one another, and to honor Gaia’s edge of autumn. We chanted with voices bound in common desire. We painted symbolic faces that reflected the polarity of light and dark. We offered bodies through Salutations. Finally, we drank the Queen’s health, and ours, with rich, red wines. We did all we could to please her, to pay homage to her beautiful resilience, that she might see herself loved,

As rituals go, it was not remarkable for its size or grandeur. It was not remarkable for literacy, or beauty, except for the night herself. Perhaps it lives on only in the memory of those present. Or, perhaps that fire, that brand of brothers, that ritual, are still moving out, touching hearts minds away, making other ritual possible, prompting other celebrations that treasure and sustain Gaia’s seasons and cycles. Perhaps, once again the ancestors move through us as guardians

Asana: Malasana/Garland Pose. There are several variations, but the classic description is to squat down as low on the haunches as possible, with the feet together, heels down. To move it into more advanced levels, widen the knees, move the trunk forward between knees, and take the hands around shins to clasp behind the back. On an exhale, extend head and chest forward, and rest head on the earth/floor. Clasping a strap is helpful in learning this pose.

Health Notes: This pose tones abdominal organs, helps relieve backache, and often relieves menstrual aches, especially lower back pain.
This pose feels ancient, as though we’ve dropped down into dirt, and deeply rooted territory, to discuss the day’s gossip.

Astrologly Notes: Libra ‘seeks self through what it unites.’ She is represented by the scales, holding the moment when light and dark, male and female, are equal. She is an air sign, ruled by Venus, and at her best is involved with ‘the harmony of ideas.’ She has also been described as a grenade in a fist, covered in blue velvet. No matter her equanimity, Libra prefers her way to your way.

Ayurveda Notes: Fall guidelines primarily deal with balancing Vata Dosha, which like Libra, is an air energy. To pacify Vata’s dry, cooler, rough qualities, wake earlier, when it’s still deeply peaceful. If you can, Practice with at least 12 Sun Salutations, (building up to as many as your age.) Other Vata pacifying poses are: Cow, Camel, Cat, and Cobra, in other words, chest openers. Cool down with Lotus, or Malasana, then ten minutes for Savasana.


CC LaRue

In a cafe overlooking the morning clouds and opening sun as they slowly lighten the dark blue-grey waters over Puget Sound you cause tears to sparkle my eyes and dampen my cheeks.

You are truly a goddess. The carrier of our dreams, old and new. I celebrate you. You are a Speaker in our time.

Love Always, CarCar LaRue


I can feel the heat of the fire next to autumn’s hint of cool night air. I can see the shadows dancing on my brothers while they danced their salutations. I can feel the darkness of Gaia’s soil and taste the richness of her wine. I can even see the breath of my brothers present and past…all this…and yet I was not there on that pivotal evening where summer gives way to autumn…thank you for sharing it all through Daily Breath…through your words, I was there.



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