Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon, or Hunter’s Moon, is the full moon nearest Michaelmas, and the fall Equinox. Long ago we used to work into the night cutting the last crops, leaving only fields of stubble for the moon to shadow. We prayed mainly for enough to eat through winter, and to pay quarterly rents due on Michaelmas. This was a moon of reckoning, by whose light we evaluated chances of survival.

Though many of us no longer live under fear of rents due, nor work through moonlit nights, old blood yet asks we take stock of who, and where we are. Is our Spirit strong enough to withstand winter’s weight? Has our soul grown more conscious? Did we harvest fields of joy and hope, or sow salt and sorrow? Have we created what we wished from the year? The subtle, or not so subtle, shift toward a new year leaves little time to produce hoped-for results. We face that now.

The present shape of core desires may be different, but their essence hasn’t changed much. What has grown is that many millions are becoming more conscious. We are more connected through Grace, less through fear and distrust. We are a world opening to multi layers of awareness. We are manifesting potential and possibility where none existed before. This year, as we hover at wide cross roads of change, let us stand under, and with, and in, and for this Harvest Moon’s great light, beacon’s of the heart’s harvest.

Asana: Vrksasana/Tree Pose. Stand tall, Tadasana, pull the R foot heel into the L groin, (toes pointing down the leg,) balance strongly yet lightly upon the earth. Face the harvest moon lifting up off the horizon as you bring hands over the heart in the Angeli or Dharmachakra mudra. See yourself as one of an army of light-workers, sharing moonlight Grace,

Health Notes: We have no idea of the profound powers of visualization, or of working with light. Let us experiment and forge new pathways. This pose on a mundane level grows strong leg muscle, and improves balance. On a meta-level, you might learn to levitate, or become the tree?

Astrology Notes: Under the Venus rulership of Libra, whatever we become has mandates to connect to others, and to be beautiful, if not grace-filled. In the sign opposite Libra, Aires, we become aware of our separateness, our unique contributions. In Libra, recognition grows that others are as important as oneself, and if the harvest is to be successful, all must contribute.

Ayurveda Notes: Just as Libra seeks a graceful center ground, so too does Vata in pacifying its imbalances. Avoid extremes during fall weather-changes, especially loud noise/music, driving too fast, getting really cold, or too hot, don’t overdo your Practice, don’t fast…in other words, be calm, and comfort aware, Venus qualities.



loved this! sorry to miss this weekend… we’ll be away. have a great weekend sam 🙂



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