Primitive Forces

In this seasonal time of feeling trapped in outworn-outgrown grooves, and having to release many of the year’s hopes and dreams, we activate deeper levels, check into soul territory, and seek Scorpionic regeneration. As the earth contracts toward winter hibernation, a part of us longs to be her microcosm, to imitate her long, last sigh toward Savasana. Our primitive selves yearn to settle into winter’s long rest…unless you are in sunny climes where you are playing tennis.

We sniff the wind, looking for signs of the year ahead, windblown leaves hopeing New Year’s lives will somehow be more fabulous than the present disarray; this flying and feeling at the mercy of chance… God’s ‘eenie meenie miney mo theory. In the scurry of chaotic days, and too much-muchness, dancing as a blown leaf seems a magical possibility. But November’ Scorpio energies are too primitive a force field to allow flitting about.

If you are feeling the push for life to go underground, or at least slow to a long sigh, then sit with an image, a symbol, an animal that walks you toward your soul. Choose something powerful that can hold the too high vibrations, the brittle sounds, the careless neglect, the overweening demands and put them where they belong, in the trash. Then surround yourself with silence, stillness, breath, contact with the earth, a hand to hold.

Asana: Vrschikasana/Scorpion Pose. Knee and bend forward, forearms parallel, the distance between the shoulders. Lift the head and chest, exhale to swing legs up overhead. Bend the knees, dropping feet toward the head, or on the head if very flexible. Keep chest open, press arms into floor. Breathe long and evenly. Afterward, do a forward fold to relieve any strain on lower back.

Health Notes: Lungs expand, arms and back are strengthened, and abdominals are worked. Like the Astrologic symbolism of Scorpio, (ruled by a scorpion, eagle, or phoenix,) this pose asks the Yogi to ‘stand on his head’ to get rid of the low Scorpionic self, the destructive habits and emotions of pride, vengeance, and jealousy. By bringing the head below the heart, he/she hopes to rise like the eagle, to grow free of ego, and let the heart grow stronger than the head.

Astrology Notes: The Scorpio nature, represented by the lowest and the highest animal symbols, reveals deep complexity. They carefully walk the tightrope of love and hate, with an indomitable will to succeed. Scorpio energy is a great source of power, and a danger. Like the Vrschikasana Pose, those who struggle with Scorpio, work to bring their will under their feet, under their heart.

Ayurvedic Notes: Kapha Dosha, combining earth and water, is the energy forming our structure. It supplies liquids for joint lubrication, moisturizing the skin, helping maintain the immune system, providing stability and strength. Like Scorpio, it struggles with the emotions of attachment, envy, greed, lust, but when in balance, there is nothing more stable, forgiving, or powerful.

One Comment

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a YogaDance Workshop by Samantha Cameron.

We watched Samantha dance her perfectly choreographed routine to inspiring music. We were awed. We then did our best to dance ourselves. We weren’t perfect. We made mistakes. We tried again.

At the end of class, one student commented, “I felt like a dancer.” I realized that yes I did feel like a dancer. I wasn’t just impersonating one as I had thought. I was one.

Yesterday, we did indeed dance. We embodied the music. We were dancers. We were beautiful. In all our shapes and forms, young, old, tall, short, thin, not so thin….we celebrated our bodies and felt the music…We felt the beauty from within. We did this because Samantha gave us the gift of ourselves. Samantha believed in us…and we did too.

Thank you, Samantha, for giving us this magical feeling of beauty.



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