Gift Giving

Because many of us feel poorer than before, less able to cope or keep up, it is important to ritualize the following gifts, imbuing them with attention and power. Because we feel we do not deserve grandeur and gallant greatness, we must promise to sit and accept, perhaps weep at all we wrap and un-wrap. Because we feel we have no time, we will stop and carefully attend the following:

1. Buy, or find a long shimmery box and in it place silence. Perhaps you open it upside down to pour it over your head. In that silence you listen to your own voice.

2. Find a small jewel of a box, or make one. Let it hold your acceptance of exactly who you are. There is no room for anything other than the true heart of you.

3. A ‘tower of power’ are five, size-graded boxes, stacked one upon the other, tied at the top with multi-hued silk ribbons. Each of these boxes holds one of your gifts. Take them out one by one, marveling at their incandescence, their generosity, their unique contribution. Surprise yourself with honor.

4. The last box is in a size of your own choosing. Wrapped within, lies a mirror, nestled under layers of colored tissue. As you pull back the layers, you feel a growing sense of pleasure to see yourself so beautiful, so serene, and joyeux. Face the one you love.

Embrace the gifts you give yourself. They may not be the ones you thought you deserved, they may not be the ones you wished for, but they carry you toward your Self. They are coin of the soul and as such deserve embracing, as well as the ritual of wrapping. Each shock of pleasure at their unveiling is reward enough.

Asana: Do the pose(s) that makes you happy, that fill you with a sense of power, or release, or accomplishment. Feel yourself wrapped as a gift of great worth, whatever size you are. Then place yourself under the tree, if you have one, if not, under the bed. Open the first box.

Health Notes: As you know, being happy is the first line of defense against any and all dis-ease. Our happiness is our wholeness, and disease is only around so we learn to become whole.

Astrology Notes: The Sagittarian energy of this season contains ebullience and generosity. They innately understand the joy of gifting, both giving and receiving. If this is difficult, may I suggest you find some strongly Jupiter/Sagittarian friends and do as they do…enjoy!

Ayurvedic Notes: A strong Kapha dosha is enlivened by a Sagittarian prankster. The often heavier, steady Kapha energy is moved from depression by the wit and fiery seeking of Sag, as they are brought down to earth and balanced by those with strong Kapha fortitude and reliance.



Oh my lovely!
what a beautiful gift to share with all in this season! I found opening this website the gift of the Magis-Frank in-sense, gold and mirth. You bedazzle this winter time with the light of love and divine laughter!
boughs of bows, mighty merriment and love to you and yours, my sweet!
Love Mags



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