Hopes & Dreams For 2010

*That I won’t have to tweet more than three times to find out what the Kardashians are having for dinner.

*That the TV will not glue itself to another distraught politician, golfer, or latenightLetterman, tearfully confessing to yet another sexual transgression for which they hope to absolve themselves with 20-20 remorse.

*That our love affair with dead rock stars give us greater grist than their grisly, vacuous lives.

*That our love affair with the affairs of anyone who is anyone, even a no-one who wants to be a someone, offer up more grist than the gristle of bad taste and over spewed ‘this just in news.’

*That our love affair with fear, and a fear-feeding-press find a fast cure.

*That Capt. Sullenberger is not the only hero in an entire year’s events.

*That we think beyond what we are told to think.

*That the hope we cling to beyond all reason has not been completely extinguished.

*That we can somehow, against all rational belief, elect greatness in our rulers.

*That with every ounce of faith/grace & charm we rule ourselves with the same yardstick.

Asana: Utkatasana/Chair Pose, or Fierce Pose. Standing in Tadasana, bend knees, pulling hips back and under, lifting energy up into inner thighs & groin, extend arms overhead, lengthen spine, lift chest up, bring thighs parallel to floor. Working within the simple form of Utkatasana we grow muscle to tackle the next, more difficult poses.

Health Notes: This pose grounds the body, strengthening thighs, back, and ankles. It tones abdominal organs, and stiff shoulders. When we are grounded we need less tweets. We consume fewer gossip-laden-news-notes. We believe more in our selves and less in the opinions of others.

Astrology Notes: During the week’s of Saturn’s reign in Capricorn, we need to be real. Saturn demands are those of ‘Big Daddy:’ Become responsible, Co-operate with authority, but question it before you obey. Rise to the top, but grow awareness of others in that rise. Saturn is a bridge planet between our material consciousness and higher consciousness. Through Saturnian lessons we are taught the rules and regulations of society, but with hopes of harnessing that mundane world to greater, Universal truths.

Ayurvedic Notes: Along with simple poses simple self care rules are deeply nurturing, especially after the electro-shock demands of holidays. Self-abhyanga helps restore balance when skin (Saturn ruled) requires attention. Heat the bathroom and pour sesame oil onto your skin, starting with scalp and hair. Apply downward over the body offering your skin loving attention for a short 15-20 minutes, Run a hot tub and soak….renewal from simple ritual.

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