Tiny Steps/Big Dreams

This year feels more difficult to leap into, no? Is it because it’s opening a whole new decade? Is it that last year we lost hope, there for fear stains new dreams? Most are more than pleased to leave ’09 behind, you’d think we’d be in a rush to move onward.
We are, but tentative on how best to step out. We are coming to understand the old motivations and methods do not insure success, and we do not yet have compass for the new. We do not know if we are putting stock in the wrong desires. Perhaps we have the right blue prints, but a mis-guided architect? Mebbe we think we’ve boarded the good ship Lollipop for the South Seas, but begin hearing the bellow of drunken sea chanteys from the captain?
If I were a true metaphysician, knowing that the only certainty in 2010 is more change, I would ask for my attitude to shift, not for the winds to take me safely into harbor. I would ask to sing along with my off-kilter, song- filled Captain, not abandon ship. I would not beg this year to deliver hoped-for-goods, or particularly sober leadership. I suspect that the true demands of this year are not to abandon Self. I will learn what I can, and forgive myself the errors. I will take what tiny steps I may, and not see them as insufficient. And I will hold my dreams sacred…no matter what.

Asana: Dekasana. This is a new pose, but very like the old pose of Virabradrasana III. Move onto one leg, lifting the other up behind as you tilt forward, parallel to floor. In Dekasana you lift the torso up, arms back, as though in flight, instead of the flat back, open arms of Vira III.

Health Notes: Both poses are wonderful for balance, strengthening legs and abdomen. Now more than ever we require balance, and strong legs to move forward, even in tiny steps.

Astrology Notes: Being in Capricorn territory, we want to be the Capt., CEO, or top dog in some way. Normally at this time of year, we feel more in charge, more Saturn-driven, but Mars, the planet of our physical drive, desire, and motivation has gone retrograde along with Mercury. Simply put, motivation and drive are inward, along with the usual re-do, re-define, & re-configure of Mercury’s 3 week retrograde period. If you are confused and have no spark, you are in good company. Rest, and re-do. Re-check & re-charge motivations for this year.

Ayurvedic Notes: Annamaya Kosha is associated with the 5 elements of: earth, water, fire, ether. and air. Each of these are associated with particular physical moves: Earth, (Capricorn) with standing poses (Dekasana). Water with twists and forward bends. Abdominal work, ie heating poses, backbends and balancing are associated with fire. Pranayama with air, and meditation & inversions with ether.


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