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We near the Solstice Standstill, the western hemisphere’s longest day. This was a celebration of life, and its richness, nights when the ancestors called down the Gods through dance and love making, asking for good crops, and plentiful hunts. It remains a celebration when we may connect more vibrantly to the earth and her waters, and because this Solstice lies at the foot of the spring eclipses, doors to the unknown open and close more powerfully; T’is indeed a time of purposeful creation.
Earthly things must be known to be loved.
Divine things must be loved to be known.”

Blaise Pascal

As part of our Sadhana/spiritual Practice, we are learning to synthesize and embrace both these expansive ideas. We are coming to understand that physics embraces the spiritual nature of existence, that quantum mechanics teaches us to have a more encompassing view of mysticism. Brains are wired not only to physical existence but invisisble Universal laws. The non-physical and the physical are one, as all bodies are one, as we and the earth are one, divided only by thought and deed. Through these Solstice nights, let us create that magical ‘ONENESS,’ let us stand-still in true communion with one another, and with Gaia, and call healing to flow through us all.

As I finish writing this the following arrives from a dear friend. Read it, do it, rejoice in magical coincidences, and our power to create good out of evil; a perfect incantation for this Solstice.

Dr. Masaru Emoto is the scientist from Japan who has done the research and publications about the characteristics of water. Among other things, his research revealed that water physically responds to emotions. Many people have predominantly angry emotions thinking about what is happening in the Gulf. While justified, we may be of greater assistance to our planet and its life forms if we sincerely send healing energy and prayer. Below is one that Dr. Emoto proposed.

I am passing this request to people who are willing to participate, to set an intention of love and healing that is so large, so overwhelming that we perform a miracle in the Gulf of Mexico. We are not powerless. We are powerful, and never more so than through love, through our united energy. Repeating the prayer multiple times daily can literally shift the balance of destruction that is happening. We don’t have to know how…we just have to recognize that the power of love is greater than any other power in the Universe.

“I send the energy of love and gratitude to the waters and all living creatures
in the Gulf of Mexico and its surroundings.
To the whales, dolphins, pelicans, fish, shellfish, planktons,
corals, algae … to ALL living creatures … I am sorry.
Please forgive me. Thank you.
I Love You.”

Join me in sending this Healing Energy and repeating the Prayer by Dr. Emoto.
Feel free to send it around the planet. Let’s take charge and do our own clean up.!

So be it.
P.S. You might try adding color as you repeat his prayer, or whatever mantra/chant/song that opens you to healing. Visualize clear, clean blues and greens, or perhaps a color will appear as you recite.


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