Who Do You Love?

Faced With Decisions of change, which way do you leap? How large is this shift? Which trajectory to choose? Since we are all in the frying pan this summer, we sizzle, for the heat’s on high! It is no longer a question of ‘if,’ only how and when, and where these ‘alternate routes,’ these high jumps of transformation occur.

As your ‘Astrologer’ I cannot tell you the right decision to make, rather, I offer ways in which to consider and design best outcomes, like…make time to consider options now, before jumping. Practice take-offs, and if possible, landings. Consider all styles, view the competition, sit still and quiet, listening to instinctual nudges.

Because everyone is edgy and nervous with intimations of sea-change, relationships are being pushed and pressured every which way. Can we grow awareness of what the important ones need, and be willing to let others go? “Who do you love and how deeply do they matter.” is a mantra we are returning to time and again, and again. There will be bodies by the roadside. Becoming clear helps prevent regret about those wayside bodies.

Rule # 1, Stay focused on essentials.

Rule # 2, Remember it’s easier to accept others, rather than change them. (Like we could.) Getting ourselves, particularly judgment, out of the way is paramount to having clear vision of what is, not what we think it/they should be. Because the heat is so high, anger is a BIG issue. ‘Going ballistic’ is sadly becoming more the norm.

Rule # 3, Call up unknown wells of empathy to see their POV, rather than become furious with it. We need this energy for other things and people. Spewing and fuming eat enormous amounts of prana/life force. Why waste it?

Rule # 4, We have far more fun loving than leaving. An old friend once said, if you love them just 51% stay, do the work, otherwise the percentage is against you; walk on.
As ‘The Universe’ says…”Your Call.”
Any rules you’d like to add to this? Please share your sage advice.

(Ideas for this Breath cobbled & borrowed from ‘The Universe’ of Tut.)

Asana: Purvottanasana/A stretch lifting the East or front of the body. Begin by sitting with legs extended, hands by hips, fingers toward feet. Bend knees, placing soles of feet on floor, take a breath and lift hips up, extend head back, with arms under shoulders, and legs straight (if possible.) Remain here until you feel your heart expand an inch

Health Notes: This pose opens heart and lungs, strengthens wrists, ankles and legs, opens the shoulder girdle. It is a wonderful ‘pause’ in the day to consider who and how we love, where can the heart be opened more fully? Who can we see differently, with more gentleness, less fear. The poses are more powerful when we use them as a way in, as well as a way out.

Astrology Notes: We entered Cancer’s watery territory with the arrival of the Summer Solstice. Cancer energy is known for its highly developed emotional perceptions. They feel as much or more than they think in finding their way. Because the feelings run strong, being thin-skinned is part of what they need to balance. It is not always personal, nor is it always about YOU, dearest Crab.

Ayurvedic Notes: When one is thin skinned either emotionally or physically, using aloe vera, topically, rejuvenates the skin, especially if you are strongly Pitta. It’s cooling properties takes the sting and redness from a sunburn, and balance pitta’s heat. It is possible that if used regularly, may help reduce the risk of skin cancer? When taken internally, aloe vera is a tonic for liver, digestion, and blood, a good balancing for Cancer’s internalizing of emotion.
(*notes on Ayurvedic use of aloe vera from Dr. Frawley)

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