Climate Control

The economic climate, the Astrologic climate, and the emotional climate are singularly hot and climbing. If we are not to repeat the reactionary extremes of the 1930’s; think great depression, rise of Nazism, Fascism, and war, we’d best be formatting better/higher/wider visions. There are many wonderful qualities connected with the energy-framework we are entering, as there were back then: individualism, creative innovation, self-reliance, along with desires for autonomy. It is when they are taken to revolutionary extremes, we suffer. When anything grows too far off-center, suffering prevails.

The question is…have we progressed enough since the tumultuous ‘30’s to pull these very similar planetary energies toward higher evolutionary expression? Or, will we fail to fairness, with Self and in the world? Will we fail to hold center ground, in our hearts as well as in our speech? Will we surrender to zealots by lack of spine along with lack of sighted-planning? Can we grow co-ops of compassion, where everyone has equal say/ equal vote, equal responsibility? We can. Question remains, can we do it fast enough to save one another, and the plant & animal kingdoms of Ma-Earth? Calling All Angels
(This ‘Breath’ spiked by Michele Finey’s article for Mt. Astrologer, “Uranus In Aries; A spark of Hope for the Future”)

Asana: Parivritta Parsvakonasana/Revolved Side Angle Pose. Move into pose from Vira I, R leg forward, knee bent, thigh parallel to floor. Exhale to rotate trunk into R thigh, bringing L arm (armpit) to outside of R knee, placing L hand on floor by R foot, or on a block. Take another breath, extending R arm overhead by ear. Maintain strong, extended back leg. Continue to deepen twist through the breath by extending on inhale, twisting deeper on exhale.

Health Notes: Because abdominals are contracted, digestion is improved, as more blood circulates through the organs, The spine becomes more fluid, and waste matter is released easily.

Astrology Notes: Parivritta Parsvakonasana is a soothing Cancer and Pitta pose as it supports good digestion, an issue with both energies. Like all deep twists, it quiets the body, bringing an inner sense of well being to the core which Cancer’s need. Being the first of the water signs, their understanding of the world is emotional, their usually placid facade hides a deep sea of anxiety, especially around security issues.

Ayurvedic Notes: Emotion is the mental equivalent of water Astrologically and Ayurvedically. ‘Discrimination acts as the mind’s digestion,’ which decides if a particular action is correct in that moment. Disturbances, or imbalances, within the three doshas are called “crimes against wisdom.” We know we shouldn’t do it, but do it anyway, which further weakens the ability to discriminate correctly, Eating and drinking correctly not only affect physical digestion, but the entire system. *
*(Ayurvedic information from Dr. Robert Svoboda ‘s “Prakruti, Your Ayurvedic Constitution.”)


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