Beam Me Up Scotty

Under this full moon, eat green melon, dream large dreams, wear silver twined with gold, see the highest vision, trip the light fantastic, and hold nothing but your heart.

What is demanding your attention in this moment?  Where is your focus?  Do you have one?  Or has it mutated so many times in the past few weeks, it’s become a blur of mad cows across the horizon? This equinox is one of the year’s high energy points, with many oppositional face-offs, and inner pressures creating explosion and implosion.

The equinox, as one of the four change quadrants during the year, can be a time of re-focusing, and re-commitment. Earth can access a larger intelligence using the solstice/equinox beams as homing devices to connect personal desires to light years streaming the galaxy. Outer planetary doorways beckon an alignment with desires, which can happen now. Be aware of what you wish for.

The impetus for transformation is forcing bodies beyond usual fears and limitations, The Universe has turned up the heat so that as difficult as present change can be,  outcomes offer rich, profound sensibilities, along with more sensitive radars. Trekkies, remember “Beam me up Scotty.”  Now it’s your turn.

Energetic Forces

Asana: Hamsasana/Swan-Another beautiful, impossibly difficult bird pose. The difference between last week’s Mayurasana/Peacock Pose, and this week’s Hamsasana lies only in the position of the hands.  In the Swan, fingers face forward, toward the head, making this more difficult than the Peacock.

Begin on all fours, Bend elbows, with forearms as close together as possible, and rest diaphragm on the elbows, chest on back of upper arms.  One by one, extend legs back, keeping them together, strong and straight. On exhaling take body weight onto the wrists and hands, lifting legs off floor, if possible.  Stretch the back and head forward until entire body is a plank of power, parallel to floor. Try not to place pressure on the ribs.  To come out of pose, lower head to floor, then legs, then knees.  Release wrist discomfort by doing hand rotations or stand on hands in Padahastasana.

Health Notes: Abominals are strengthened, circulating more blood to abdominal organs, thus improving digestion, helping cure stomach ailments, and spleen.  It releases stomach toxins, and helps those with diabetes.  It produces strong forearms, elbows and wrists.

Astrology Notes: The fall equinox heralds the opening of Libra, sign of partnership, equality, and balance.  She is an air sign, ruled by Venus, and at the moment, she is ruled by a Venus in Scorpio, intense, passionate, and possibly vindictive.  This Venus is preparing to turn retrograde.  This means that all of us will be re-examining our relationships, not only to one another, but to self, to money, to work, to life.  We will not do this in a casual, airy manner, as is Libra’s usual modus operandi, no-we will do it deeply in Scorpio fashion.

Ayurvedic Notes:  Last week I wrote of Vata’s diet needs, this week the focus is on needs in a Vata practice, which all bodies need to pay more attention to in this dry, windy, cooling fall temperature.  Do asanas/poses that bring more pressure to pelvis and colon, such as Lotus, Locust, Cobra, and Bow.  Maintain steady breathing and practice in a slow, regular rhythm. Do balancing asanas/poses that ground the body, and demand concentration.  Vata has difficulty being here now.

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Yes, my focus is mutated and has become a blur of mad cows across the horizon. How well you know what is happening inside my mind. I love Autumn and long to be outdoors whenever possible. Hence, the lack of focus to what must be done in and around my being. Thank you yet again for words of wisdom to slow down and think clearly about my wishes and desires.



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