Who are you? Are you a brand? Better, are you a celebrity?  Do I know you? Should I? Have you read my site/book/blog/tweet?  Are you almost famous?  Can I friend you?  What do you have for me–me me me?

Egad!  We are so noisy.  What has happened to silence, or to coming in second place, or to to not being known? We are so busy shouting no one is listening. How are we ever to become who we need to be if we are pushing to become someone everyone knows, and approves of, or disapproves of?  Better to be notorious than the nice next door neighbor.  Egad indeed.

Not only is the pace extreme, demand incessant, distraction heinous, we now push at a before unknown requirement to be seen, even more, to be heard.  It matters not if we have anything of import, quality, even truth to share.  The personal sound bite is the voracious roar du jour.

Not all of this can be lamented.  Some of it must serve in its fashion. Perhaps it is a by product of connecting the world? The questions are; how do we maintain a balance?  And, how do we prevent judgment in not being fabulously known, model-thin, and buffed, seriously young, decadantly wealthy? The extremes are silly siren songs which pull the middle line off course.

How do we call for correction?  Is this impacting you? How? Where do find yourself reacting? What do you do about it?  Where are you creating balance?  I want to hear about you you, fabulous you.

Asana Supta Virasana/Reclining Hero Pose.  This is not a pose for the stiff kneed, bad back, or faint of heart.  There’s a reason it’s named a hero.  Begin on your knees, allowing hips to settle down between the feet.  This is Virasana Pose.  Keep knees as parallel and close to each other as you can, with feet turned over– top of feet on floor.  From here, lower back toward the floor behind you, leaning on hands, then forearms.  If this is your first time out, ask a friend to support your back or place a block under the spine.  Slowly release lower back and buttocks and stretch spine out on block or floor.  Keep ribs soft, not extended up, and lengthen lower back by pulling belly in for support, this also helps thighbones to soften more deeply into the hip sockets.  Breathe deeply from the belly, stay as long as possible.  Return to upright position by pressing forearms against floor, and slowly lifting into Virasana.  Don’t lead with your head.

Health Notes: Thighs, knees, ankles, abdomen, and hip fleors are hugely stretched.  One is totally opened and very vulnerable in this pose.  Because of that vulnerability, be very careful the ego does not push too hard or fast for accomplishment.  It can be helpful for asthma, and respiration, digestion and intestinal issues, high blood pressure, arthritis, insomnia, sciatica, flat feet, and menstrual discomfort are all supported.  When you can finally allow the body to lay back and totally open to this difficult pose, there are many wonderful supporting benefits.

Astrology Notes: In libra’s territory we are always more aware of relationships, not only with others but with self, work, play, creativity. You name it.  We are all asking, ‘who is this being we live with and how are they operating?’  What is the primal axis of our relationships? What do we need from others? What are the unconscious expectations that derail us from having fulfilled relationships?  This is the mine field we all stumble through, now more than ever.  As you remember frin last week’s Breath, this particular Venus/Libra cycle is asking all of us to dive very deeply, and review what and how we work partnering of every shape, self-worth, and money, those things that tell us we’re OK, or not.

Ayurvedic Notes: We are still primarily in Vata’s season of cooling, windy, distracted, dry, change, all of which create imbalances for those who have a primary vata constitution, but also for those who are older, as all carry more Vata Dosha in aging.  It helps to practice alternate nostril breathing/Pranayama.  Learn from a good Yoga instructor.  If you are dealing with more bronchial issues, or insomnia at this time, fill your Practice with chest openers such as Cobra, Back bends, and at the end of the day, shoulder stand, plough, and corpse pose/Savasana.

Class energies this week turn inward toward the new Moon in Libra on Oct. 7th.  As this time is about relationships: me me me and you you you, we will work partnering and balance poses, long stretches into Shakti dance.  Looking forward to partnering with you.

Because of your generosity at the Equinox, we raised $280.00 for Pakistan flood victims. This money was doubled by matching funds in: Women for Women International, Global Fund for Women, and CARE, Thank you my generous Yoga Friends…the world is a bit better.



Your writings always touch me. Your writings make me question and challenge myself. I believe lives are being lived differently in this day and age. For better? For worse? I do not have an answer. I think it is a time of “busyness.” My children and friends call me but text more often than not these days. They are busy. Friends and family leave the footprints of their lives on Facebook. It is a way of keeping in touch in this busy world. I saw three business men walking with each other last evening and they were each on their phones either texting or talking, but not talking to each other. Maybe we are losing sight of the precious “now” moments. Maybe because so much is available to us we are not content with what we have and are always looking for something better or someone else to fulfill us. I myself am finding I need to be outside, walking in the woods, listening to the sounds of nature and in doing so finding my way back to the peace in my heart.


Linda, I love that you are twisting in the wind to challenge and change and that my words help. You help me to persevere when I think no one cares. So, hand in hand, eh? My friend…we nurture one another.


Love your daily breath of today – it is very fitting, as we begin this journey toward college and all of the parental comparisons and conversations that inevitably begin to accompany this junior year of high school. It can be hard not to get caught up in the pressures and comparisons of who is going where, and to feel like a parental “winner” or less. Balance will be very important, so as not to impart additional stresses and judgements on our dear children, who already have theri hands full, as it is. xo


Yah, we think it’s difficult until we remember back to how the comparisons flew ever higher and more hideously in high school. Thank you for reminding me me me that it’s usually worse for the young, as in- you you you, with your hands full of tribal hormones.

Jennifer Cooper

Perhaps all this noise is to avoid self examination? Perhaps all this noise is the desire to be heard, to be recognized, to be validated. The human desire to be acknowledged is strong. Perhaps, we should all sit quietly, close our eyes and listen. Do we hear the beating of our hearts? Can we hear our breath flowing through our lungs? Do we hear the secret ambitions we don’t say aloud fearful they may never be attained? Are those ambitions worthy or just expected? Do we hear the frenzied pace in which we live? Do we like what we hear? Can we change what we don’t like? We must listen to grow….Shhhh…..listen…..while I talk!


girlfriend, we’ll all stop and listen when you write….heart’s-beating, breath-soughing, our secrets spread out in the shadows.



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