Dynamic Balance

 December 6, 2010   

First of three December Breaths on connection

When the wind blows, will we scatter?  When the hammer descends, will we flatten? When someone says , “You’re more disappointing than the bottom half of a mermaid.”  Do we feel unworthy?  Or laugh, and know ourselves beautiful, tail et all?

What holds a dynamic center?  Those made of ‘sterner stuff’ may find that these days the core has become too stern and rigid, fighting fear and risk.  Perhaps the demand is not to be made of the sterner stuff but to move loosely and connect unexpected dots from a flexible POV?

We are all under some hammer, waiting for the next blow, scattering in fierce, chaotic winds, or swimming like mad for new shores.  If the last is the case, be pleased with a mermaid’s (merman’s) tail. Therein lies a secret.  Making a space to grow strange appendages to dive deep seas of emotional change can be what saves us.

When the known home does not hold in the same comforting way. We cannot return again on the same mindless paths.  We cannot find balance in stale, accustomed habits, for the true center is dynamic, in a constant state of give and take.  Each new cycle requires we move from and toward home ground in willing to risk not knowing how.

How to ask the heart for courage?  How to remain vulnerable when  fear-filled?  If anything sends us packing back to a rigid Self, it’s fear.  The terror of not being enough, or not being accepted are blueprints for rigor mortis.

*Five possible ways and means to grow a courageous heart… and a georgous tail.

Make space to breathe deeply, and consciously.  Feel powerful.

When cold winds rage, stick your head out the door, (in a fabulous hat of course) but make sure your feet are glued to a warm hearth.  Feel cared for.

 Practice the old with new twists, adding leaps, and time to be upside down.  The body informs the emotional life.  Feel adventurous.

Sing off key every day.  Even if you have a divine voice, give yourself permission to hit some sour notes, laughing all the way.  Feel ridiculous.

Soak in a tub and watch your tail grow. Feel amazed.

Seasonal Energies

Asana: Dolphin.and Dolphin kick up into Pincha Mayurasana/Feathered Peacock. From Down Dog, bend the elbows, pressing them inward until they line up under the shoulders, spread fingers wide, releasing energy. Keep back long, lifting tail bone, pressing heels down, breathe into the back, shoulder blades lengthen toward tail bone, head is between upper arms, not touching floor.  Feel the joy of diving into secret depths, far beyond the sun’s light, into the depth of your beautiful heart.

A great way to practice being courageous is to kick up into Pincha Mayurasana/Peacock from Dolphin.  Do it first with one leg in the air. Lifting from the belly, kick bottom leg toward extended one.  Later, with more courage, practice against the wall, kicking both legs up to remain in Pincha.

Health Notes: This pose strengthens the arms, and back, stretches hamstrings and Achilles. Improves digestion, calms brain and helps with depression, and insomnia.  It helps relieve symptoms of menopause, and menstrual pains, especially when head is supported.  Relieves headaches and backaches, is good for sciatica, and asthma, and improves high blood pressure. And, if we can become Dolphin-like, joyous in making days more playful,

Astrology Notes:  Sagittarians are at home when wandering the wide world, expanding their environment through travel or philosophizing, using their intuition, becoming more educated, and, or moving toward the future.  Ruled by Jupiter, who’s motto is “more is more,” it’s a wonderfully expansive antidote to old fears of not having enough, for faith is its keyword.  We all have Sag energy somewhere within, call upon your Jupiterian God when feeling less-than.

Ayurvedic Notes: Massage is good for every imbalance and a wonderful centering tool.  It tells the body that it is cared for.  There are massage oils ehlpful for each Dosha  If you know you are Pitta Dosha (tend to be fiery, sharp, type A, ambitious,) use sunflower or sandalwood oils because they have cooling properties.  If you are more Vata, or Vata energy is aggravated (overly restless, distracted, active, creative) use sesame oil and stroke against the hair for deeper penetration. If Kapha is more prominent, (tolerant, calm, slower moving, posessive) try using corn or calamus root oil, or go without oil and do a deep massage.


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