By Tiny Steps We Become Known

The baby steps are the steps of the mystic.  The large, grandiose steps are the ‘I’ of the ego.  These I/me steps move into the world to learn of   success, or not.  The ego I/me is interested in the objective life as self- mirror to its image.  As big as we make ego-steps, as wonderful as we think they might be, they are limiting, for they are the steps of the smaller self, not the bad self, but the more diminutive-self, for they seek self-affirmation at every bend of the knee.

To come to know the true Self requires many small steps for the journey is light years, beyond the I/m.  We need this ego of self, the ahamkara, to relate to the world,  Before we can move beyond anything we must be it.  We rely on the ego’s structure to support movement in the world, to offer knowledge of the many layers and relationships.    

The mystic, or spirit self has no boundaries, no structure and this is terrifying to the ego.  If we take small steps when entering this territory, the ego is less threatened by inroads of spirit.  For the ego to be well it must do.  For the mystic to do well it must be.  Being requires attentive loving. When the ego loves, it goes outside self seeking love and affirmation.  The mystic goes within. 

This is very much the Yogic journey, for Yoga’s layering offer many means of liberating who we are meant to be, who we already are, and revealing who we are not.  Step by small transformational step a Practice can gracefully hold ego and spirit, not denying, or denigrating one for the other, rather holding both to the light so that we begin asking, “Who am I? How do I express a facet of God? What is my bliss?  How can I best express that?”

 *When taking 1% of an hour to sit with the mystic, a different life opens.

*By committing 10% of each day, new alliances with spirit manifest.

 *In changing a habit merely 20% of the time, steps shift old direction.

 *From loving someone just 51%, relationship is possible.

 *With 1000 extra steps a day, a pound evaporates.

"one small step" photo by Will Ceurvels, models: Tim, Allan, Ralph, Sam

Notable Class Notes this week:

Normal Schedule resumes. Classes will focus on Yin/New Moon birth energies of stretch and opening, as well as new insights on alignment.

Plus- During month of April I am teaching at Laughing Dog Yoga for Daniel Orlansky on Fridays at 9:15. Hope to see you there!

Pilates is now on spring schedule of Wednesday mornings 9-10 AM 



Asana:  Take the baby step of changing your physical ability to enter more deeply into Vira II.  Do this by pressing outside of back foot into the wall, then step out widely into the pose,  Lift the front heel, forcing the arch. This offers space to drop hips and groin down more deeply, setteling into the pose.  It’s amazing what this one small change offers.  (For those unfamiliar with the pose, write Virabhadrasana II, or Vira II in search box, top right corner, then hit ‘enter.’)

 Health Notes: In scrutinizing our Practices, be they Yogic or non, we can always find large and small ways to become more creative, and that gets the juices flowing. Small steps are the way out of giant messes as   they are the way in to bliss.

 Astrology Notes: We are all-all things Aires this week as many planets are lined up together in this fiery energy field, What do you need to pay attention to at this time?  Be a leader, charge forward into the unknown, but be prepared.  Be careful of being over-amped, impatient and or angry.  Aires is the first born of the zodiac and have all the traits of ‘first borns;’ creative, impetuous, bossy, impatient.  Aires energy comes in to light the path, and show the way for the rest of us.

 FYI: Mercury turns retrograde on Wednesday 30, so for the coming 3 weeks try not to buy a car, a computer, or other electronics having to do with communication and transportation.  If you do, get a good return policy. Double check all important papers, and contracts before sending.  Take time out to review, re-vamp, re-seed, re-connect.

Ayurvedic Notes:  Vata Dosha rises with the imbalances of spring when weather changes, becoming uncertain and windy.  As written before, it’s a perfect time for a cleanse, especially if you ate a lot of cheesy winter pizzas.  It’s a time for physical practices to be steady, rhythmic, and not over-amped or over-heated.  Work on balancing poses, and long even breathing.  Remember, like increases like.


Jennifer Cooper

I am revisitng the March 29th Daily Breath, By Tiny Steps We Become Known, because I find it so empowering. Change can be daunting for some…so much so that it may paralyze us into complacency…. Yet, a tiny step is doable… A small percentage of change is managable… We try and little by little we change. We grow and evolve as human beings. Through baby steps we become known to ourselves….perhaps even reborn. Thank you, Samantha. xoxo


I love this writing as I can relate to it at this time in my life. I feel I am being led by forces outside myself, and yes, the steps are small because the path is toward the unknown. But somehow, it feels right, like the path will lead me on an awesome journey, but to where I am unsure. Maybe back to my true self? To my bliss? Only time will tell but I am more than ready for the adventure.



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