A Bridge Across Forever

If I am to arc upward

Spiraling toward the eternal,

As archangels do,

Wings curved to carry wind and stars alike.

Is every effort out and up?

What if the arc flows inward,

archpiece of surrender,

Answering uncertainty, and the unknown?

How then do I take form?

How shall I become if

Deformed by dark nights,

Proudly cobbled of minutiae

And mindless desire,

Yet, withstanding chaos

And elegant wretchedness.

I rise above the river-

A Self finally seen

By those who choose

To walk across my stones.

 Stone by stone is

 That by which

Daily deed carves a face,

 Forged in Grace,

Weight, muscle, and will

Linking soul to Seer,

Building over chasms,

Across forever.


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