Sacred Recognition

Osho wrote: “In a moment of meditation you suddenly see that you can move in two directions-either horizontal or vertical.  The vertical consists of silences, blissfulness, ecstasies, the horizontal consists of hands, work, the world.”

Sacred Recognition 

 The western wind dropped away

Carrying her last exhale out to sea

Subduing blue-black chop,

Prostrating cliff-grasses.

Now the horizon could marry the sun.

She lay horizontal on sea stone

Between a day lost and one to come,

Shadow on the stone,

 Listening to light fall down

Into sea-grass and sand

Wet with love

Green with loss.

She rose within that breath

Lifting her sextant

To meet first stars,

Bearing the graduated arc

Hefting its accurate weight,

To imprint her alchemical

latitude and longitude.

 Osho also said: “The word enlightenment has nothing to do with genius, has nothing to do with intellect.  It has something to do with discovering your real, authentic being.  It is discovering God within you.”


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