Shape Shifting-part I

With the need for increasing mental, emotional, and physical flexibility to see us to the other side of enormous change, I shall be writing on the helpful and subversive ideas and teachings of four talented Instructors.  This week Aaron Cantor, followed by Daniel Orlansky, Jen Yarrow, and Shiva Rea.

Spring opens the body from winter weight.  Eclipse seasons are change-funnels, sometimes like tornados, asking shifts of perspective and path…as in “The barn’s burned down, now I can see the Moon.” (Eclipses impel, or cut us off, often occurring in the unsettled seasons of spring and fall. Lucky us, we have three eclipses coming: June I, June 15, and July 1.)  Massive shifts are due not only to spring, or Eclipses, but to prominent planetary energies making these fast and furious years ones of transformation. Think late 60’s.  Bodies and minds are layered with pre-emptive strikes to be different, be better, or die.  Relationships, particularly, require we surpass old tribal connection and expectation, especially relationships with Gaia.  We are in the cauldron of learning to share heartfelt fire and recourses in profoundly meaningful ways.

The question is, how do we shape-shift to meet many layered obligations AND hold on to who we are, to our core Self?  Can we?  Should we?  As usual, I don’t know, but recently I’ve been given ideas to share, thanks to the serendipitous synchronicity of being with singular teachers. Much of their power comes from their decisions to follow their own voice, to have the courage to create a unique path, to not play it safe.  It also emerges from their talent of combining areas of information and expertise, refining a vision of what works for them.

Aaron Cantor began by asking, “If you had a superpower, what would it be?” He then proceeded to embody, and teach by small, incremental tasks that if we wished, we could embody human superpowers.  Working with Uddiana and Mula bhandas, followed by really hard play, he offered the experience of conjuring profound core strength to be used in a multiplicity of super power ways.

Aaron worked with ideas of having super-powers AND  balancing those with becoming ‘ONE.’  Astrologically, the timing is perfect as Neptune, planet of magical oneness, visions, and dreams moves into its Pisces home, where it will be and grow into its extreme potency for many years. Its shape-shifting properties ask us to be unique while becoming the servant, seeing ourselves as part of the whole.  Not an easy polarity, but one that can be approached by growing more fluid.  It is no longer either/or.  It is this AND that, or this WITH that.  As always, it is the mindful choicefulness that lends flexibility its authenticity.

More memorable reminders coming from Aaron’s work are: 

“Keep going into what feels good, you don’t need a map.”

“By play we physically re-pattern old emotional gunk from the body.”

“It’s important and good to be in optimal alignment in your Asanas, but you have to be able to go out of alignment in sub-optimal ways, to be able to re-balance from difficult situations.” (As on the mat, thus in life.)

“Let one side become the teacher for the other.”

“Use intuition to create the mobility.”

“Use repetitive simple movement/motion to create a meditative state.”

“Let the repetition create the rhythm and flow of ritual.”

“Have dialogues with sensation, don’t judge them.”

Stay tuned for next week’s billet doux of great ideas to see us safe and strong, supple and surprised on the other side.






Pose with Seasonal Energies

NB   MEMORIAL WEEKEND’S SATURDAY CLASSES WILL BE COMBINED-BEGINNING AT 8:30 am. Ble late, be early, but be there for extra fun and unusual combining.

Asana: Explore poses that not only bring greater flexibility to areas in your body that have a difficult time letting go, but use Aaron’s ideas to enhance the exploration.  Above all, play.

Health Notes: Laughter, fun with friends, shared ideas, listening to what we need, keeping it simple, not judging, trusting your instincts, being able to draw outside the lines, are all wonderful teachers for well-being.

Astrology Notes: The Sun entered the erratic and fluid force of Gemini on May 21st.  Ruled by the planet Mercury, “I think” is its mantra.  The first eclipse on June I, is at 11 degrees Gemini, bringing all ‘monkey sign Geminis, along with the rest of us,  where ever Gemini is in our charts, an opportunity to change our thinking, our perceptions, the way we question.  In the physical body, it rules the nervous system, the hands, shoulders, arms and lungs. (Note-two of everything.) Take good care of these areas during this time.

Ayurvedic Notes:  Repeating the note from two weeks ago, I remind you to attend to the digestive system, home of allergy response, especially with the nervous system on high alert.  Clean out with a short fast, eat lighter, grow awareness of the why of your emotional state. Practice the simple things you can to bring the body into balance.  Allergies are caused by not digesting well, and being out of balance, as well as dealing with heavy pollens.


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