Sol Sistere

Standstill Homage, photo by Will Ceurvels

Sol Sistere

It is now

Gaia’s breathless moment,

The standstill hour of homage

To her consort’s shortest night,

When only petals,

Burnt by his heat,

Fall, disturbing stillness.

Sol’s perfecting creates

Four quadrants, four teachers, four gifts

Before turning toward

Winter’s underworld descent

Before falling from bright Grace

Before death’s introspection.

T.S. was right, “Here the dance is,”

Here, long sought materia magicke

Formed only for Sol Sistere’s point of no return.

To honor the magicke of the Summer Equinox/Stand Still night, there is a Tuesday evening class, at 7:00 PM, June 21, at the Caryl School gym in Dover center, Centre st. & Springdale Ave.  (Park in back by turning in on Whiting rd., by the Dover grocery –just before the light).

We celebrate the Solstice with ritual, rich Asanas, ShaktiYogaDance, chant, Pranayama, and ALL spirits willing to become shape shifters.  Come, connect to the earth, her place in the heavens, and our place here on earth.  It is indeed a night when mystical doors open for us all to walk through.  Friends of friends, strangers and strange-ones all invited to share in creating this alchemical moment.


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