Full Moon Rising

The almost perfected-moon rises,

Pale in late afternoon cloud

Pinked with sunset’s reflection,

Claiming her sky.

From twilight’s descending lavender

She grows dense and hard-edged,

Her rabbit face pentimento revealed

As Sol drops below the horizon.

My almost perfected-Self

Rises within

Growing potent and full

Despite forsaken promises

Long gone dreams

Dead-end journeys.

Now, now this moment facing Gaia

Face to face Grace ripens

Redolent, burgeoning

Re-generating light through cycles,

Revealing will and desire.

Full Moon Rising, model Jennifer Cooper, photo Will Ceurvels



Sam Cam, Full Moon Rising is beautiful prose. I wish I had read your words as I watched her rise over the waters of the lake last night. The moment was fleeting and then made lasting by your thoughts. Love you, c


Glad inspiration came from the moon AND me. Very satisfying to read your response…and very happy to think of you floating on the lake, filling your body with the beauty and peace of Moon’s rays.

Jennifer Cooper

The fullness of the moon…reaching its ripest phase….overflowing with juice….ahhh…we too have a personal moon…we grow it allowing it to reach its peak….and then spill out until empty….there’s just a single moment before we begin to grow our new moon…don’t miss that moment….it’s a chance for enlightenment….allowing room for a new dream to begin….and grow…until once more it reaches its fullest phase…. choose that dream wisely….


Querida Ardha Chandrasana DivaDivaDivine-It’s gratifying beyond words you drink the words at the deepest level. How lucky am I we slurp the same kool-aid, huh? May we always re-cycle and grow from the same deep wells of re-newal.

Kathy Memel

Dearest Samantha,
Your poetry, your writings, your insights, your intuition, your warmth, love, depth, talent, caring and grace always lift me up and enrich my soul. Your newsletter is always so rich and filled with inspiration. You are such a gift and I thank you for sharing your intelligent and delightful self. Much love, Kathy


As in all Full Moons-I only reflect that/those standing in partnership to/with me…that would be you in this moment. So, I hope you hear and see and feel the beautiful words you write of my work, the same as those written on your heart….you you you fabulous, Leo Goddess-YOU. Thank you for your kind generosity of pen & spirit.



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