The Really Big Picture

If “the goal of the journey is to discover yourself as consciousness,” as Joseph Campbell said, then what revelations did this summer’s wing-ding of an Astrological force-field bring you?  These past months of inner heightened intensity and emotional landmines, seen via the outer picture through ‘The Arab Spring, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear spill, the Syrian revolt, and the downfall of Khadafi, to enumerate a few, bring most bodies to new doorways. Were you engulfed?  Or were you one of the more fortunate to be merely drop-kicked out the back door? You may have see yourself changing via another, perhaps your teenager who stood with a raised fist, wrapped in a black glove?

Is there a new voice within declaring greater freedom, more power over self? I’m asking because we have a few months of respite to reorganize ourselves before the next big planetary hurricane returns in the spring of 2012.  This fall and winter give us time to clean up what we could not finish over the summer.  The same issues, perhaps in a different form, will be back, with the planetary repetition, and the ‘perfection of the Pluto-Uranus square.’ What have we learned?  What needs loving repair?  What is the depth of the wound? How do we heal Self, and other?

Clearing the old emotional detritus from the door of consciousness offers an unbelievably powerful appointment with our Dharma.  Our inner Arab Spring has greater chance of a long term Democratic shift if we prepare for the uprising by giving Spirit greater say, ego less.  If we can spend time on the childhood wounds, and see them as symbolic, then chances are we begin to understand them and recognize them as they come up over and over, in different forms.  What is the metaphor for the discomfort? How do I see the symbol in a repeated hot spot of anger and resentment?

Here’s a small example of how to observe a moment of pain with some objectivity.  When you were a child, perhaps your father said, “Why don’t you lose a few pounds?  Is that new skirt too tight on you?  Why don’t you get better grades? Why don’t you blah, blah, blah.”   You now weigh in at 101 pounds, and you are the CEO of a company.  But when your best friend says, “Are you sure you want that hot fudge?”  You go ballistic.  Why?  What just happened?  What the unconscious heard was, “You’re not good enough.” This how to begin seeing the old patterns symbolically.  The childhood admonitions said,  “You are not good enough as you are.  When we hear that in some form,  without warning, the ego returns to childhood, desperate for dad’s approval.

That was then. This is now.  Until we catch the old, wounded pieces of self, the suffering continues, our blindness continues.  Until we are willing to stop, look, listen before we cross the next street, we cannot grow more conscious.  NOW is a fabulous opportunity to do that very thing.  The planetary set up supports us,  even roots for us, and it will take us down if we don’t.  We are running out of time.  The Gods of Change are doing everything they can to grab our attention.  The cry now is, “Wahooo, Ride em!!”  No longer, “Why me?”

*NB  In the service of growing greater consciousness-SUNDAY SALONS are starting up the First Sunday of each month, 4-6 pm, chez Camerons, 1 Edson Rd., Natick.  Co-instructed & constructed by Samantha and Allan, they will offer layers of the Yin and Yang of Eastern & Western viewpoints.  Credits are offered for those fulfilling a 200 hour certification, and those who need ongoing YA hours to maintain a cert.

First SALON to be held October 2nd. Subject:  The consciousness of Polarities:  Shiva/Shakti; Creation & Destruction; Consciousness and Will. Space is limited. Pre-register to

A Salon is a gathering for those who question, who doubt, who are creating new horizons within, who want to discuss and discover different ways of being.  Class cards accepted, or $20.00 fee.

Pose & Planetary Energies

Anything upside down.  All upside down poses change the point of view, bringing more blood to the brain to choose more wisely, and see with greater consciousness.  Pick a favorite, and the one that suits your energy of the moment.  If tired, do Shoulder Stand/Salamba Sarvangasana, moving into Plow/Halasana.  If more energized, do Headstand/Salamba Sirsasana, or in Tripod form.  For those who want to move more deeply into their Headstands, work with Urdhva Dandasana, lowering the legs to 90 degrees, and back up.  If beginning in headstands, come to ‘Baby Pod’- with knees resting on the tripod elbows.  If full of vim, vigor, and the good fight,  do  Back Bends/Urdhva Dhanurasana, Scorpion/Vrschikasana, or the straight legged version-Pincha Mayurasana.  These more advanced poses require our full attention, and dedication…the same demands for growing greater consciousness.

*Description and health notes for each of these poses can be found under ‘Yoga’ hit- ‘poses, or write in the name in the search box in top right corner.  It’s all at your fingertips on this site.

Astrological Energies: September, until the 23rd, belongs to Virgo, Goddess of the harvest.  This month is intensified numerology by being the same number as your personal year, meaning that whatever you are working on in 2011 is expanded, focused and driven during September.  This may help you become more conscious of the year’s demands and use that energy toward completion by January.  It may also feel unconsciously more intense and complex.  Use Virgo’s gifts of delineation, discrimination, and refinement to examine what needs doing; Prioritize, then proceed with joy.

* Sept. 23 is Fall Equinox.  Plan to come to 1 Edson to celebrate through ritual, drumming & shared Grace.

Ayurvedic Energies: Fall energies move from the heat of Pitta into Vata spacyness, which is like the wind; cool, mobile, dry, and light.  Bodies of this nature, whose constitution mirrors that of the season, need to pay more attention to balancing out these energies with diet and Practice.  You have an over-abundance of Vata if you tend to be: highly nervous, lose weight easily, are thin, with dry skin and hair, move and speak quickly, are easily constipated, and have an easily weakened immune system. Just remember, like increases like so choose foods that are grounding, and choose poses that help you dig deep into the earth, not fly off.


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