Karmic Connections

This fall calls for us to be clear about who we are, to be as authentic as we know how, and to unhook from what, and who no longer represents us. Life always demands this, but if we don’t, or can’t now, we shall be lost in the tsunamis of change.  Few of us are where we’d like to be, there is not enough high ground. But hopefully we find solace in who we are, and who we love.  Perhaps in the world’s instability, our treasure becomes one another, but we cannot truly be with one another if we are not authentically ourselves.  We can facebook, but we cannot jump into the same lifeboat as the water sucks out to sea, unless we are committed.  Committed to what?  Committed to the alignment of self with self, self with other, self with the earth.  Our karmic companions, those Wily Coyotes of heart and mind, are here to change our lives. We must be in cahoots, AND we must be wily, or fail miserably.

Every time we toss around the word, ‘karmic’ we are in deep waters, for karmic infers past and future relationship, as well as present. It infers profound entanglement.  How to un-tangle lead from gold? How to be in cahoots as cohorts, not desperados? How to bow to the other while holding personal integrity?  We cannot escape.  We are in the territory of Libra’s gracious requirement of partnering, plus Saturn is slowly wending its way through Libra, demanding that the structures of every relationship are ship shape. We are about to have a Full Moon face off in Aires/Libra (self in polarity to other).  I write to you with the energies of the Universe behind my pen. But even if I didn’t, this is a pivotal hour in the world’s history.

Like the Full Moon, we see ourselves best by facing off, by standing in polarity to another, those we love and those …not so much.  Truth to tell, I think it’s often those of the ‘not so much variety’ that tell us clearly who we are.  It’s the hard territory of the Zen Master we so dislike that makes core muscle respond.  It’s hard to dance around and be nice, or pretend to agree when an immutable force says, “Stand your ground or lie down.”  We cannot ignore that opposition.  We must stand up for a true friend, which is often ones self.  We must know our core anchoring to leap into that lifeboat as the first tsunami wave heads back to shore.  Who’s in the boat with you?

Asana with Seasonal Energies

This week instead of an Asana, I’m writing of a Yoga Mudra called ‘Seal of Unity.’ It is a moving mudra that stimulates the vertebra, and lower abdominal organs, especially the solar plexus chakra. It vitalizes nerves connecting the entire body with the brain, therefore helps reduce tension, anger, and frustration, bringing greater calm.  It opens cellular structure of subtle energy channels called the nadis so the power of the root chakra can rise.  (from * ‘Mudras, Yoga in Your Hands,’ by Gertrud Hirschi.)

Repeat the following flow of forward and lift six times, then re-cross legs, and circle the other hand. Repeat six times.  Sit with legs crossed and clasp hands behind back, one hand holding the other, or the wrist.  Inhale, pulling consciousness up from root chakra/Muladhara to crown/Sahasrara. Hold inhale/kumbak, focus on Sahasrara-Exhale, bending forward, taking consciousness back down to Muladhara chakra. Hold exhale/kumbak. Inhale, lengthen torso up to sit straight, seing energy in Sahasrara chakra.

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I needed this at this time in my life. Your words are words of wisdom. Thank you, thank you.



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