At the revolutionary beginning of America, Benjamin Franklin said, “We must all hang together now, or we shall most certainly hang separately.”  In this Last Breath of 2011 I’ll echo Ben’s advice,  ‘be your own best revolutionary.’   We must be the source of our inspiration, and our happiness.  We can’t roll over hoping for our resurrection to simply happen. Time to not be the bystander, but to show up with a whole heart.        How?

Yoga is the art of being totally present.  It gives touchstones of alignment, intention, and space to release old beliefs and emotions. It offers a multi-layered technique that brings enough safety for us to stand strong in the moment.  When we inhale and exhale to the rhythm of our heart -we are freed to grow naked, porous, and intimate.  In returning time and again to the Practice of being present, we relinquish old structures that offered false security.

We love our security.  It’s hard to pry sticky fingers off what and who kept us safe in the past.  We cling to the sugar in life, to home, to the sweetness of known habits, and ritual.  Nothing wrong in that until those well worn grooves become prisons, holding back the resurrection, the regeneration and revolution.  If we cannot bring down our own inner dictators, suffocating our will to change, we cannot wend a way through this turbulent decade.

A Yoga Practice gives us resolve to step out of old, comfy, well-worn by-standing slippers.  We begin to see that our individual contributions are mandates of, and for the highest good.  We don’t need to ‘roll away the stone’ to resurrect, it’s within this inhale and exhale.  This breath grows the revolution for our resurrection.

Seasonal Energies

Astrology Notes: There is a great opportunity now, between the New Moon of Dec. 24 and the potent Full Moon of Jan. 8, to really think about where we are going and why. Remember that thoughts and actions have ripple effects extending to friends, family, community, and cosmos. What we will at this time carries a strong determination, and transformational expression, which will help form and sustain our energy through 2012. The intensity and upheaval of the late 60’s and 70’s is baaaaack.  There are brilliant ideas, and enormous creativity along with the rocky road.  We can choose compassionate solutions wisely thinking outside the box.  You hold your life, and that of many others within your intentions and actions.

Ayurvedic Notes: Find a Pranayama/Breath practice that helps you be completely present for simply three minutes.  There are many to choose from.  You can find one via Google.  Sit with your intentions of 2012, for self -and the world, and breathe the staff of life into those wishes.  See their light rising and spreading.



The New Year awaits….happiness to you-always, and egad, for the world as well. Beginning to think happiness has gone out of style.


“It’s hard to pry sticky fingers off what and who kept us safe in the past. We cling to the sugar in life, to home, to the sweetness of known habits, and ritual.”
…like glazed donuts with chocolate frosting? mmmmmm…. 🙂 I think I’d better go get one. xx


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