Judging March Madness

Is March-Madness an outer or an inner state? It is a tippy month of seasonal change, coming in like a lion, out like a lamb, with everything in between. Does the body simply yearn any excuse to disrobe the inner quiet of winter? And is the inward turning, peace, or pent-up energy? Is the Vernal Equinox, marking the beginning of the Astrological New Year, an unconscious goad for uprisings and shifts? Does March, in wringing out winter, and begging spring re-birth, set needed chaos into motion?

I find myself suddenly and surprisingly expressing strong opinions/judgments about the mildest ideas…  “It should be this, not that”…  “I refuse to accept that “This is all wrong.” Have I grown into one of the many over-the-top, blah blah blah-opinionated March Hares I so abhor? Speaking of judgment.

It’s certainly more self-aggrandizing, and fun, to blame my madness on others, or abstruse abstract reasoning.  Harder to sit with an inner judge who has pronounces life in authoritative, often autocratic, opinions.  There are more than ten meanings listed  for ‘judgment’ but you have to travel down to the sixth meaning, in Webster’s New International, to find judgment having anything to do with the mental act of judging, that is, dealing with comparison and discrimination, or placing a value judgment on something.

What does this have to do with March, you ask? As outer and inner grounds thaw, it provokes un-settled nerves. What has occurred inside the winter chrysalis? I have no idea, but know I’m about to find out. I feel changes, but cannot yet act on them.  Perhaps we all mirror the earth, turning toward a new cycle, but cannot yet access who and how we are to be.  I feel old, well-habited skin re-shaping itself into a new form, but cannot yet assume its shape. Who will appear? Will old judgments shrivel it, or greater compassion give it wing?

Is it the frightened nervousness of a new, unknown future, tipping toward us at the speed of light that creates declarative, opinionated, judgmental selves to leap out? Does some part of us feel safer when we declare absolute judgments? Quivering and wavering makes us feel, and appear weak and nervous. Perhaps that is why there are so many with such strong, fast, un-substantiated judgments?

Thank you for listening.  Now that I have worked through some abstruse, tippy March reasoning for my unwelcome behavior, I am able to drop it by the roadside.  Revealing myself to myself, allows the new life to emerge with less fear, fewer judgments, greater compassion and hope.  YOU?

PS “This month’s Salon on Sunday at 4pm., continues the exploration of “Judgment, Compassion, Forgiveness, and Acceptance”… with an emphasis on “Judgment”. It is notable that “Judgment” wasn’t discussed much last month. Is it that we’re so uncomfortable with it that we don’t want to speak of it? Or has it become so ubiquitous in our lives that it mostly goes unseen, unheard, un-monitored? Is it an essential part of “Compassion, Forgiveness, and Acceptance”? Does it actually “spawn” those other states-of-being? Could it be a “prime” state-of-being, maybe aberrant but prime? It is very interesting when we stumble on anything that is “prime”, yes?

As I’ve thought about the energy of all these four states-of-being during the past weeks, I started to see a connection between them and grief. It seems to me that there is an element of grief in all. I want to explore that as well.  I look forward to this coming gathering around the fire. Bring your thoughts, writings, found poems and quotations and we’ll talk of “judgment” and its three companions.”    Allan Cameron

Seasonal Notes

Asanas: When dealing with uncertainty, three simple poses can help.  Urdhva Dhanurasana-Boat Pose, Salabhasana-Locust, and Downward Boat Pose, a modification of Boat.  Go to Daily Breath Yoga School and scroll down to ‘poses’ to find descriptions and how-to for each pose.

Health Notes: These poses lift the chest/heart, keep the back supple, and work the legs.  They stimulate digestion, massage the kidneys, and adrenals, flush toxins from the system and help to focus the body on goals.  We can set out clearer destinations, with restored clarity, and most importantly, balance ego and heart.

Astrology Notes: Even the Astrology of this Month is powerful in its changes and intensity of archetypal energies. There are two important retrogrades, Mercury and Mars, which affect the body in very personal ways. Mars, retrograde in Virgo, is asking us to review our direction, and projects, our physical bodies, and make needed changes. Mercury from March 12th to April 4th.  Expect a more meditative, internal review than usual because Neptune’s numinous quality is powerful now. Spring intensity only grows, hopefully bringing the world greater awareness. The Arab Spring may only have been a pre-courser to ours.

Go to face book page: Samantha Cameron, then YogaWoman for an Astological snippet. For those who want more profound Astrology:  http://www.celestialweather.com/

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Sunday, March 11, 1-4 PM  $30 advance sign-up/$35 at door

Led by D’Ann Hansen & Samantha Cameron, 500 hour RYT

To Register – email info@ldyoga.com or call studio at 781-235-9646

Or email samanthacameron@verizon.net

Release/Re-balance/Restore *Open to the profound gifts of the physical body through gentle & restorative Yoga.  *Listen to your emotional body in working with Mandala art; link the un-conscious to the conscious.  *Connect layers within mental body via journaling, diagrammatic writing, & poetic sustenance; weave new creative webs.

Nurture YOUR creative Spirit/Mind/Body

*This experience available to ALL levels.  You need bring only an open mind/ ”Beginner’s Mind.”


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