Mother’s Day Re-Defined

Yoshiko Matamoro wrote, “Each moment of this precious life is a treasured vessel, ready to be filled with every grace and many blessings.”

Nietzsche wrote, “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.” 

Does not every mother give birth to a ‘dancing star,’ a shining soul worth everything she has to offer…. her Grace AND her chaos, her light and her dark?  Do you perceive yourself as a ‘treasured vessel’ filled with blessings?  Or, do you feel that you are more ‘a messenger of chaos,’ perhaps dark with drama and danger…a fallen star,  not a ‘dancing star?’  Depending upon mother’s perspectives, as well as our own, derived in part from ‘MOM’, we formulate ideas of what life is about, how we might lead it, and who we might become.

Emerging from the embryo, re-defined in a new cellular structure, mysterious, in fathomless layers of re-formed DNA, we are born.  Birth is such a chaotic, creative, physical-meta-physical, spiritual, magical event.  From each cocooning womb emerges a life, the majesty of what the feminine offers the Universe.  There has to be chaos for new life to emerge.  There must be destruction, fabric torn, and emotional dissolution to create anew.

If we could reconcile ourselves to our own chaos, we might re-align ourselves more readily to another’s, namely- mother’s.  She is after all but one of our own conduits for magic and crazy, Grace and abandonment, terror and forgiveness. Whenever we honor the dark gods within it allows others opportunity to meet theirs.  Mothers so wish their off spring to be perfect, to be happy, to be safe.  Our chaos is terrifying to them, as theirs was/is to us.

Mother’s Day is but one day out of all others to honor her years of struggle, with herself-and with us.  Once upon a time, she entered the world to be a ‘dancing star,’ her mother’s ‘treasured vessel,’ which may be why it is so difficult for her, as it is for us, to accept dark shadows of mayhem.  If we could all grow lives that honor our polarities of light and dark, Grace and chaos, we will birth a new world, one that MOM will be proud of.



Planetary Energies

We are digging deep this spring, preparing our soil for even more profound changes.  We have had, and continue to deal with retrograde planets, those ostensibly backing up and giving us many lessons in re-defining, re-informing, and re-structuring.  Part of this re-structuring lies in the land of Pluto moving through Capricorn.  Pluto transforms, squeezes and blows away non-essentials, and in Capricorn it’s all about big business, especially banking, big religion, and the systems we live by and in. Growth through greater responsibility is our mantra.

A big portion of interest lies with Venus, which is about to go retrograde in Gemini, which will constellate and inform our ideas about self worth, money, connections, alliances.  Whenever planets retrograde they not only offer up the past but they expose what lies below the surface.  We will all see the real value of those we love and those we hate, as well as our ideas about finances.  (More on Venus next week.)


Helpful Practice Notes

*This is a good week to look at the fall-out from the super Full Moon on the 5th.  It offered a powerful emotional whack for many, as well as information from Taurus/Scorpio polarity of: who supports me?  How much am I valued? Am I seen for what I want?  Is my creativity being appreciated by others?….most importantly- What do I wish to do about it?

*We have a positive earth trine this week to help bodies stand their ground.  Practice with poses that connect you emotionally to the earth, to your root system.  Poses that invert, or seat us tranquilly are especially nourishing to the nervous system.

*Ayurvedically, spring with its many changes, activates Vata Dosha, and because this spring we have numerous shifts, along with early seasonal bloom and allergies, it is enormously helpful to fast, even a few short days.

*Vata energies are calmed with silence, peaceful music and chanting.  Warm scents such as jasmine, sandalwood, and eucalyptus also sooth anxiousness.


**To hear how great planetary energy shifts coming in June affect your world, and what you can do about balancing this chaos– come to an unusual ASTROLOGY/YOGA WORKSHOP AT LAUGHING DOG, MAY 20th, 4-6 PM. $30.00


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