Ears, like handles on a jug, are odd but necessary protrusions. Their convoluted, sinewy shapes reach out to pull vibrations in to bounce on the tympanic membrane, then the auditory nerve, culminating in the membranous labyrinth of complicated sacs and tubes, filled with fluid, housed in the petrous bone.  The external ear helps concentrate sonorous vibrations on the tympanic membrane and set it vibrating.  The three bones in mid ear transmit these vibrations to the internal ear. What a journey for a single sigh, or syllable, to cover. Each word a small miracle in a complex transmission.  You’d think we’d choose them with more care, eh?

There is far more where this complex connecting came from, but you get the general idea…It’s complicated.  So is listening to what is really being conveyed.  Hearing is a feminine act of receiving, considered a receptive talent.  But these days we are having to train ears, and eyes, to take on more levels of information, at a faster pace.  We have ears to the ground for incoming instructions, ears tuned to one another, and hopefully, ears vibrating to dictates of spirit.

Presently, we have greater opportunity to hear the numinous, re-defined spiritual vibrations, to help us all move toward the wisdom of ‘One-ness.’  This is wonderful, but  not easy, for the new ear requires we pay attention all the time, and at very high levels of attention in order to understand hidden meaning relayed from this inclusive, sonorous spectrum. It is more important than ever to re-define and stengthen boundaries within self, as well as one another, as we absorb information with intuitive ears so the psychic heart can become a well-worn tool, not an abstract idea.

Listening from old mind-sets, and out-grown grooves of assumption cannot take us to the next level.  If we’ve ratcheted something into a dismal failure by refusing to change, then we must, and do change, for failure is the great teacher.  If old avenues of listening have grown painful and obsolete, there is hope in new venues opening.  The challenge is to evolve or dissolve, possibly dissolve and evolve.  Breakdowns are happening for breakthroughs to occur.   Few of us have the habit of listening well, and if you watch TV, we really prefer to yell or whine, voicing inane opinions. We are at a transformational crossroads.  It is the hour to open and expand every tiny bone, complicated sac, tube, and membrane within the ear so that we hear higher vibrational dimensions, as well as one another.  The ear may be a complex system, but when it is fully operational, it’s simple… The heart and gut hear everything they need to hear.



Planetary Energies

Just remember, you were born for these times.  What doesn’t break you makes you stronger. Anything not aligned with the highest good for all will be asked to stand down, decay, and die.  These and many other fabulous platitudes apply to June’s  energetic forces.  All spring, planetary shifts have been building, changing, and challenging our minds and bodies for June.

*We’ve just entered major change-doors with the eclipses, May 20 and June 4. Eclipses widen perceptions, and reveal areas within requiring change.

*The usual dark, quiet of a New Moon, June 19, is made potent by its proximity to Saturn stationing to go direct, June 25.

*This New Moon also conjuncts the red star Betelgeuse.  This is one of the largest, light-filled stars in the sky.  It is in the constellation Orion, and was used by the ancient world to align its major constructions.  Think Teotihuacan in Mexico, the great pyramid at Giza.

*For pure chaotic change we will experience the first of seven squares between Pluto and Uranus, on June 24.  (More on this next week.)

*The New Moon’s proximity to the solstice, June 20-21.  Solstices, like eclipses, function as energetic gateways, as the axial tilt of the earth comes to a standstill for three days.

*Its opposition the Galactic Center. This is an intersection of the plane of the Milky way Galaxy with the ecliptic (path of the earth around the sun) which provides a wider opening for downloads from Universal intelligence to speed our evolution.

*Oh yes, and Venus stationing to go direct June 27.  Both Saturn and Venus in standstill preparing to move forward makes their energies vibrate very strongly.  Both tell us, ‘it’s time to move on with all we have learned these past months.  Enough review.’

Any one of these planetary challenges would move us into thresholds of consciousness-shifts, but all of them together…Wowsa! Hot time burning the old town down.



Helpful Practice Notes:

It is imperative we connect with ourselves at this time.  We are fragile in fear and powerful with hope.  Self acceptance can help create compassion from the chaos.

When you lie in Savasana, breathe from the bottom of the belly, surrender all of yourself to the cleansing exhale.

Read the Radiance Sutras as reminder of the beauty before us.  Here is a tiny passage:

“I have been listening to the  songs of creation. 

I have heard the sacred sutra being sung, and yet still am I curious.

What is this delight filled Universe into which we find ourselves born?

What is this mysterious awareness shimmering everywhere within it?”

During this week’s last quarter lunar phase, before the New Moon of 19, take a good re-assesment of your ideas and plans, your commitments and relationships.  We have all been working these areas so that collectively we head toward greater healing.

Lie in in Fish Pose, of Fish prep, with the neck hanging free, and as you lift heart and lungs up and open, feel where you have changed and opened your ability to love.  Let the pose free you from holding on to past regret.  Inhale prana to fill and feed the source.

Any Quarter Moon is characterized by increase in tensions, as we are preparing for a new phase.  This week demands we look back and have greater understanding of who and where we are. What has shifted?  Where am I still stuck?  What needs to happen to move on? To help move through these emotional spaces, do a short series of Asanas, connecting each pose with thought and pleasure.  Feel way & means of making those physical connections support & feed the emotional ones.


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