Dancing Heaven & Hell

The muchness of who we are is created from a dynamic dance born of the resonance of 10,000 polarities.  As these polarities flow and ebb, they teach the difficult steps required to execute this dance. When lucky enough, we then perform it with full heart and flying feet.

The dance states that if we only look backward, moving forward is difficult. If we only waltz the light fantastic, gliding through dark shadow is arduous. If we only snap a leg up to hold it high, no matter how fabulous it looks, we have only an event, but no sequence. We don’t understand how we got there, or how to leave. We have no ‘prepositional moves.’  If we only dance duets with the prince, we have no idea if we can solo, or, far more difficult, fit in with the corps de ballet.

Twirling and leaping faster and faster to make people clap louder and longer, we relinquish an ability to connect to our internal vibration. We fail to hear our true resonance, which is the sum of ALL parts; all steps, styles, and tones. In the outward highly excellent performance, not only do we have no balance, it becomes difficult, if not impossible to dance with others.  We can’t identify, or feel their resonance.  We have no sense of who they are because it has grown too difficult to dance with our own 10,000 polarities.  We grow one-dimensional. We partner poorly, if at all. The prince cannot prevail and hold us up.

Yes, the steps seem more difficult, because we are driven to learn them faster, and everyone else is whirling by at such a speed that taking a deep breath before sailing off into a beautiful waltz, is the luxe of a by-gone era. But remember, this dance needs to look backward, as well as hip-hopping forward.  We must crawl across a dirty stage, so we can appreciate leaping into light.







Sunday Salon is this Sunday Oct. 14th ,  4-6 PM, One Edson Rd. Natick. $15.00, or class card punch. If interested email: samanthacameron@verizon.net

 This Sat. Due to large funeral at the church, please do not park in rear.  Thank you!

Next Sat., Oct. 20, There will be a single class for everyone- held at 8:30 AM at Wellesley College, The Keohane Sports Center, rm 202.   To get there, enter the college off rte. 135, at the light.  Come around to your right, into the parking structure.  Park at the far end from Police cars, and walk out the path/stairs and you will see the Keohane Sports Center.  Come in and up the stairs.  Do your best to be on time, as we will need to vacate by 10:00 AM.

Will love seeing you at any and all upcoming events.










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