Why & Because


Do we only search for God when love is missing?

If we were ecstatic, love-filled beings, why would we ever seek to change?

Is there a conspiracy running all religions to keep us fearful and unhappy?

If filled with light, why feel a need to turn to priest, rabbi, Imam, or Maharishi?

If love destroys fear and fills us with courage, how is it we are so frightened we must hate?

We need love, like breathing.  How and why do we refuse it in a thousand small ways?  Why is there not more of it, or the visible signs of it?

What do you think – ‘Why?’



It is the time to question assumptions.

It is the hour to re-evaluate old fears and bring them to light.

The stuff of dreams is love, for it lends its intelligence, its imagination, its light, its passionate breath to everything within heart-sight.

Love lifts us beyond our ordinary self toward spontaneous combustion.


We know all this.  We’ve struggled with it for years, if not centuries.  I’m not trying to solve the earth’s biggest problem in this paragraph…would that I could.  No, what brings this front and center is I recently choreographed to an old Beatles song, “Because,” off the Abbey Road album.  In working with it day after day, its simple refrain of,  ‘”Love is old, love is new, love is old, love is you,” sunk below the surface, down into bone and muscle to emerge days later in large questions.

Because body/mind connections are far more complicated and transformative than we know, I’ve found through the years that one of the lovely gifts of creating anything is the surprising syntax, and synchronicity that flow from opening oneself to the process.  I think it’s partially because we grow profoundly vulnerable, and take such risks in creating.  The outcome almost doesn’t matter.  It matters terribly to the ego, but not essential self, who cares only that we have transformed in some way from the journey.

Taking the body deep within itself to return with different ideas and concepts is like a deep sea diver heading far below the surface, plummeting below light to chance upon buried treasure; an old wreck surrendering its gold doubloons. The gold from this journey is the stuff of dreams, as well as nightmares.  It reveals the love we have for self, for one another, our craft, our desires and passions for the world to grow love-rich.



Accompaning Eclipse Note

Any Full Moon lunar Eclipse, like the one we’ve just experienced, moves the Moon into the shadow of the earth for a few hours.  This makes for a ‘black Moon,’ one without reflected light of the Sun.  This in turn offers earthlings opportunity to turn toward the dark, emotional aspects of self.  It is a time when the unconscious can grow more conscious, especially around fears, passions, and assumptions.




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