Impossible to Predict

Is there a better reason for living than to discover who we are?  Is there anything more powerful than becoming our true colors, then sending them out to seep into the world, where as wild dyes they/we sustain, transform, and pigment everyone and everything touched?

As the forces of change build to a momentous turning point – the ending of a 26,000 year cycle, announced with this year’s winter solstice, it is critical we seed and impart this transformative time with Grace, not fear, with joy, not divisiveness, with wisdom not delusion. Nothing new in that, but the timing is insistent. There is deep need to pay attention to anything that directs us toward knowing and serving true-self, like Yoga, creativity, and poetry, Astrology and ripe friendships.  These are constructs that nurture soul so we might bloom as one of Rumi’s roses….

“If you want to know Him and yourself

Look at this open rose-

From one infinite silent drunken heart

So many petals, so many worlds.”

One of the reasons I love poetry is that like the horoscope it can reveal essential self, as does a Yoga Practice, only differently. If you re-read last week’s breath, “Why and Because,” the creative process offered another exploration of the same. There is reason humanity has expressed through these archetypal forms for thousands of years.  Each is a superb structure to hold the mysteries, and support the devotion required to unlock a DNA, to plumb secrets of the evolutionary heart.

 Going within is difficult.  There is a reason few have explored consciousness. That is changing as we come to embrace the breadth and depth of our spirit and soul.  We need prediction less. We trust more. Science acknowledges that everything on earth relates: ecological systems, planetary systems, human societies, the physics of atom, air and water –all impact and are part of the other. The world activates from their polarities, but the more we perceive a middle ground of ‘us,’ the more we influence our inner growth, as well as the world’s.  We can grow consciousness in everything. Polarity is essential, but so is dancing the mad mix of middle ground.

If we are to discover who we are, the journey cannot be controlled, nor can it be predicted, not even by a good Astrologer. Whether we view change as an ordeal of survival, or an opportunity, depends on how well we’re prepared to meet it.  If you’re listening, if you are sitting in stillness, you’ll know the next step.  What will the future bring? Who do you wish to be to meet that future? It’s the hour to grow consciousness, embodying colors of the Soul-Self.

(This writing was inspired by Philip Levine, in the Mt. Astrologer, May 1996)



Astrology Notes

We deepen into this last quarter lunar phase until the 13.  Last quarter energies support the inner quest, and soft submergence into darkness. We have survived the eclipse changes and we need time to wrap our minds around a changing landscape, with different demands. We need withdrawn moments in  order to see what is correct action in coming tsunami of New Moon, and Solstice energies.  The holidays sweep us away in the best of times.  This one is a doozy.

We might be inspired, or totally confused, in not delusional.  We may be our own worst social secretary, or the perfect, politically astute hostess.  We may feel we are living in a fishbowl, or it may be difficult to focus.  (The Sun is unusually without contact until the Solstice on 21st)  We have extremes in our choices at this time, so it’s important to take a moment, stand back and survey the territory, along with all in-coming information.  Try, oh do try, not to take it too personally.  But with the internal planets moving into Scorpio by the 10th, stinging self and or others is highly possible.  Better to cocoon and chill.  Scorpio is an energy needing solo, within-time to mature to its own powerful nature.

Stand Your Mat/Listen to Heaven

There are many great and good reasons to participate in the Solstice Ritual & Celebration workshop at Laughing Dog on the 20th.  Release the high tide of tension & emotions, celebrate the longest, darkest night, and the transformational feast this Solstice ushers in.  Drum, Do ritual, Yoga, dance, and chant to enchant the Dark Lords.

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