Thresholds of the New Year

In our endings lie our beginnings.  The power of graduations is they symbolize the work accomplished that opens the next level. Each birth is the first step towards death. Thresholds, cycles, wheels, call it what you will, 2012 offered multiple time and space opportunity to see the cause and effect of our actions, to comprehend the wisdom, and the shadow in our choices.  Consequences have grown more defined, intentions- more visible.  ‘What goes around comes around’ is coming around faster and faster.  Having survived the turbulence of the past 365 days, we hopefully cross the threshold into 2013 with greater consciousness, greater heart.

2012 ended a number of cycles, and in those endings we can choose to access faster bandwidths, more options, along with a demand for greater potency, and compassionate intuition. As our amplification ascends from the Manipura/third chakra (emotional focus) to the Anahata/fourth chakra (heart wisdom), we breakthrough self-centered impetus into heart-driven awareness, especially around feminine, or receptive, power. Our ideas of creativity are expanding. We have a greater comprehension in our relationship to self, which transforms all other relationships. We are motivated toward partnerships that nurture and foster caring consciousness. We support one another in listening to music from the spheres beyond the physical.  We are dancing with difficult truths, requiring subtle, transformational wisdom.  This territory is for the truly courageous.

It is harder and harder to be someone we are not.  We are making fundamental changes relating to our authority, integrity, accountability, and relationships. We are more capable of healing our own shadow material so we may move on, so we might know our ‘true name.’  2013 may be an extraordinary year in the acceptance of ALL our unique light and shadow-Selves.  Again, courage is a password to what lies ahead as we are willing to share this light, allowing it to shine ever brighter.  It’s worth pulling out every plug in order to put on the coat of the higher Self, one that shines with Grace and compassion.  Leslie T. Thurston wrote, “There is no situation where you wouldn’t choose love.  Just choose love.  That is what you need to get through the doorway.”    Onward!


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